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Illiteracy Eradication courses:

The department of humanitarian assistance of Al-Hakim foundation held illiteracy eradication
courses for widows and orphan women. These courses took place in different parts of Iraq
especially the villages and far areas. Professional teachers also participated in this program.

Medical and First Aids Courses:

Department of Humanitarian and Assistance of Al-Hakim foundation held courses in basic medical
education and first aids for orphans and widows women in many parts of Iraq. In these courses –
which aimed to increase the basic health education- many professionals from medical institutions
participated and gave literatures.

Sewing Training Courses:

Department of Humanitarian Assistance of Al-Hakim foundation start to arranged Sewing Training
courses for orphans and widows women in many parts of Iraq.
Professional teachers from sewing institutions participated in these courses.

Field Trips for Orphans:

The Department of Humanitarian Assistance of Al-Hakim foundation arranged field trips for
orphans in all Iraqi provinces.
These field trips included visits to the Holy Places, recreations and parks.
Also during these trips gifts were handed out for orphans.
For the first three months of 2009 the number of orphans benefited from this program was 250
orphans from different parts of Iraq.
Supporting students activities

Al-Hakim Foundation continue in supporting various students activities through out the country.  
Department of Women's Affairs at the Office of the Al-Hakim Foundation in Baghdad to honor students who had school play talking
about interesting historical events At the end of the show prizes awarded by Al-Hakim Foundation to the students who participated in
the play .