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Al-Hakim Foundation called for Islamic Day of anti-violence
against women

Al-Hakim foundation called to represent the first day of month Sufar (second month in the Islamic
calendar) of every year as the Islamic Day of “anti-violence against women”.
The call for this initiative came out during the first national conference of civil society organizations
arrange by Al-Hakim foundation and held in Al-Najaf on 1-13-2009
Under the banner of:
(Civil society organizations together to build a new Iraq, united and coherent)
Secretary General of Al-Hakim foundation Sayed Ammar Al-Hakim on his speech in the conference
called on all institutions of civil society and humanitarian organizations in Iraq and the world
attention to the serious subject matter and to carry out its responsibilities to lift the injustice and
deprivation suffered by women.
The conference attended by Iraqi Minister of State for civil society organizations
Mr. Thamer Al-Zubiady and large number of representatives from the most of Iraqi civil society
The practicing of violence against women has become a serious universal phenomenon from
which all the societies in the world suffer among them our Iraqi society which requires from all to
start against the injustice and aggression which is rejected by religion, law and living humanitarian

The extensive area of this phenomenon requires extensive area in searching all the available and
effective mechanisms in order to rid the societies from it. Therefore we in Al-Hakim Organization in
communities and in the context of the international campaign which was launched by  The United
Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon on 25/12/2008 to combat violence against women which
The extensive area of this phenomenon requires extensive area in searching all the available and
he described as a global catastrophe from which third of the women in the world suffer- we were
researching and endeavoring to find the available mechanisms and means supporting our efforts
in this field together with observing the peculiarities of our Moslem Iraqi society- and under these
atmospheres and with the large transformations that took place in new Iraq, the initiative of
remarkable leader Al-Sayed al-Hakim came in, declaring the first day of Safar on the Islamic
calendar as an Islamic day for opposing violence against women.

We found in our organization that this initiative as opportunity that can not be squandered and an
important step forming a basic support for the Iraqi, international and regional efforts in this field,
and the Islamism of the day does not mean restricting its activities in the framework of Islamic
societies, but extends to all international societies, where it is intended to activate the heavenly
values with all humanity as one of the available mechanisms for participating in opposing the
phenomenon of violence against women everywhere. Where in these values there is great ability
to educate the human being and control his behavior in the noble ethical frames which reject the
injustice and aggression.

2- The Islamism of the day will give our efforts a momentum to eliminate the lawfulness from what
is committed against the women in our society such as the phenomenon of killing which many of
the women in Basra and Kurdistan in Iraq were its victims at the hands of gangs disguised in the
name of religion once and in the name of tribes and traditions sometimes, which Islam or any
other heavenly religion can not accept, the initiative rather made of opposing violence against
women as a divine duty being a humanitarian matter, because the word violence includes the
aggression and transgression on the rights of others which is all religions and laws prohibit.
Therefore exploiting the initiative could participate in closing the doors towards the spread of
violence in the name of religion or extremist thoughts.

3- This initiative is an invitation to all activities and national and international organizations to study
all the sources of justice and fairness which could participate today in building the humanitarian
society and alleviate its pains and sufferings among them the violence from which woman suffers

4- The launcher of the initiative Al-Sayed Al-Hakim intended this initiative to come to stop violence
against women without mentioning the mechanisms because he wanted it to be open to all the
successful mechanism, solutions and remedies to which the international organizations for
women and human rights have reached. It is an invitation to develop the spirit of mutual work
among all, and be far from all the special sensitivities which hinder the efforts of weaken the
solidarity in working for the sake of the just issues of women.

We also endeavor through our organization and its activities in supporting democracy through
educating women on the active participation whether in the election or the nomination in order to
maintain the achievements which the woman in new Iraq has realized throughout the past few
years in spite of what the Iraqi woman has suffered from of injustice, arbitrariness and deliberate
absenting for decades. She is not taken in the feelings of being weak, but she shook the dust of
that dark period and came out of the claws of the past dictator Saddami regime and faced all the
positions of responsibility and was able to obtain advanced positions unprecedented in Iraq and
the region which are positions in the governing establishments and the administration of the
country and the proportion of the third in the Council of Representatives and the Councils of
Governorates, in addition to her effective presence she could remove the injustice and prevent
what is practiced of injustice and violence against women through legislation and execution,
where there are many laws which could participate in stopping violence among them finding a
protection system for family and women which needs legislations that can not see the light except
in the presence of women in the legislative rings.