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Al-Hakim Foundation held a national day for Mass Graves

Under the slogan “the mass graves it is sustain crime for buried regime”

The Department of public relations of  Al-Hakim Foundation  set up, a  national assembly calling for
activating the decisions of the Second International Conference of the mass graves in Iraq. On the
anniversary of the National Day of mass graves in May 16.  

The assembly was attended by the Secretary-General of the Al-Hakim Foundation, H.E Ammar Al-
Hakim, and a number of leaders in the institution like the senior agent of the Ministry of Human
Rights and the governor of province Basra and a number of members of Basra province and a
group of academics, jurists, and a number of families of the martyrs of the mass graves.

H.E Amar Al-Hakim Secretary-General of Al-Hakim Foundation mentioned in his speech during the
assembly on the importance of making the mass graves of Iraqis recall stations and warned of the
coming generations of the risk of dictatorial regimes. Which has called for such crimes and at the
same time, government agencies concerned on the need to identify the bodies of the martyrs of
those graves that are still so far the fate thousands of families who are waiting for their missing
sons since years and the need to use advanced scientific methods to examine the bodies of the
martyrs for identification.

His eminence also considered the introduction of the graves mass within the curriculum is
essential to Iraq's history as a discourse a number of demands that concern the families of the
martyrs was mainly to provide them with adequate housing and the need for compensation to the
families of the martyrs and to satisfy the minds of all the circumstances and provide them with all
sufficient needs.
Senior Agent of the Ministry of Human Rights stated in his  speech at the rally:

That day came against the backdrop of the date of the first found a mass grave found in Hilla, a
region containing more than (2000) of bodies which was mostly women and children. Many of the
mass graves what was found were mostly in the southern region of Iraq. Witch explained that those
crimes were committed by the Iraqi people, and they were aimed to changing the map, and
population distribution to the Iraqi people and the extermination of opponents of the regime during
the reigm of the tyrant (Saddam Hussein) and most trials were without a warrant and the most
executions, for unknown reasons, probably based on a whistle-malicious and executed most of the
victims who are do not know the charge against them.

It should be noted that the Al-Hakim Foundation has established in August 10, 2008 the Second
International Conference of the mass graves in Iraq, the presence of dignitaries and high level of
inside and outside Iraq.
The representative of the Ministry of Human Rights in Iraq stated: that the Al-Hakim Foundation was
able to achieve in this conference which have not been able to bring by the ministry concerned,
which resulted in a number of decisions and the national assembly was to commemorate the
National Day of the mass graves of those decisions required to activate.

Second International Conference of Mass Graves in Iraq