Special Issue  Volume 7; No. 13          October 17, 2009; Shawwal-ul-Mukkarram 27, 1430 A.H

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IMI Iraq Initiative.....(Special Report)


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith
As Salam O Alaikum.
On July 10,2009 IMI's Medical and Humanitarian  delegation comprising of 52 individuals left for the holy land of Ahlul Bayt,AS to serve the people of Iraq.It was the first ever Medical Mission of its kind.Preparations for the mission started in Sept of 2008 and culminated with a community reception on the 10th of Oct,2009 in New Jersey the report of which shall be e mailed latter this month.This was a 2 and a half wk long memorable journey.The entire delegataion was divided into 2 groups,A and B with different itineraries.See the details of the tasks accomplished  in this special bulletin.

Access to health related services remains difficult in conflict affected communities in Iraq and the Iraqi health care system is struggling to cope with the additional burden of internally displaced persons (IDPs). As stressed by the WHO 2009 Iraq Health Sector Needs Assessment, in order to facilitate the return of IDPs, conditions for reconciliation and return must be in place, and access to health services must improve. However, the living condition of the people of Iraq continues to deteriorate. In order to address these concerns, Imamia Medics International the IMI Iraq Initiative includes several components designed to serve the health needs of the Iraqi population and improve the national health system. The project was centered on an IMI Medical Humanitarian delegation of 52 individuals—mainly experts from the medical and allied fields--from the US, UK, Canada, India, Ireland, Pakistan and the UAE who visited several cities in Iraq, performing voluntary  social and medical services, including complex procedures and trainings for colleagues and medical students in Iraq.

Donated Medical Equipment and Supplies

Complementing the humanitarian mission, the IMI Iraq Initiative involved the donation of medical equipment, instruments and goods exceeding one million USD in value, mainly through the efforts of Dr. Ali Reza Moosavi, to health clinics and programs in Iraq. In addition to predeparture shipments of these goods, IMI delegates also took medical supplies with themselves, including valuable GI equipment donated by Riverside Medical Center through Dr. Saeed Bokhari, Dr. Qasim Jaffry and Dr Gulammehdi Sumar’s efforts. Small gifts were also taken for children living in poverty and/or at orphanages.



IMI Delegates at Kufa University dinner

In addition to providing medical services, IMI delegates gained firsthand experience of the healthcare system and its challenges in Iraq. The humanitarian mission, therefore, also served as a fact-finding mission and laid a foundation for future projects in Iraq.



Dr. Iftekhar Bader




IMI delegates diagnosed and treated patients in hospitals, clinics, orphanages and other locations— including the waiting areas of the clinics and hospitals where patients were backlogged due to a lack of resources time and manpower.




Medical Services

IMI delegates provided general and specialized care for hundreds of  Iraqis over the duration of 2 weeks across various hospitals/clinics in Karbala, Najaf, Kufa and Hilla. IMI delegates also examined patients in orphanages.

Dr. Batul Ladak

In addition, instruction and support was also provided regarding hospital/clinic administration and patient management. Examples include the initial setup of a sleep lab at Kufa Medical College and the creation of hourly schedules involving issues of personal hygiene, exercise, menu selection and arts and crafts, for inpatient psychiatric care in Najaf.

Dr. Saiyeda Madad


Dr. Syed Saeed Bokhari

Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures were performed by many delegates covering the fields of Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Dentistry, ENT, Gastroenterology, Internal edicine, Maxillofacial Surgery, Neonatology, Nursing, Nutrition, Pathology, Pediatrics (General, Neurological,
Infection Disease), Pharmacology,Pulmonology, Rheumatology and Urology.

Dr. Firdous Rizvi


Surgical procedure (apicectomy)
on a 6 year old boy, upper central incisor.

Snapshot: Dental Care

Dr. Gulammehdi Sumar operated on an
adolescent Iraqi boy who suffered from a
condoyle/mandible fracture. The surgery yielded great results.



Iraqi dental clinics used old, unhygienic dental equipment for root canal treatment. Patient care can be improved with better cross-contamination control.


The following are examples of some of the procedure performed by IMI delegates in Iraq:

Neonatal pediatric work in Kerbala and Neonatal care including newborn exam and rounds in Najaf.

EGD, Colonoscopy and ERCP in Najaf and Karbala as patients had presented with GERD, rectal bleeding, biliary stones, pancreatic cancer, cholangitis, choledochoduodenal fistula and post-operative biliary leak.

Trans urethral bladder tumor resection for bladder tumor in Hilla

Rigid Ureteroscopy diagnostic and therapeutic for ureteric obstruction in Hilla and Kufa

Open pyelolithotomy in a child with large renal pelvic stone in Hilla


Dr. Saiyeda Madad

Exploration of Penis and Cavernotomy for post radiation Priapism(a very rare condition) in Hilla

Flexible ureteroscopy (introduced for the first time in Kufa) diagnostic for tumour in Kufa

Flexible cystoscopy (introduced for the first time in Kufa)

Specialized Thermafil aided endodontics on complex Upper Molar tooth was performed with three post graduates at


IMI delegates also met with victims of violence, like this victim of a car bomb whose family now suffers from poverty because of his inability to work any longer.


IMI delegates also presented lectures to professionals and students including
junior and senior doctors, nurses, social workers, nursing assistants, technicians and allied healthcare workers throughout their visit.

Dr. Barkat Jaferi

These lectures covered general topics and those specific to the specialized fields represented by IMI delegates including Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Dentistry, ENT, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Maxillofacial Surgery, Neonatology, Nursing, Nutrition, Pathology, Pediatrics
(General, Neurological, Infectious Disease), Pharmacology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology and Urology. On July 23, 2009 a Physicians Conference was also organized and a number of IMI delegates presented lectures for colleagues and additional participants.



“Babil Health Directorate welcomes delegates of Imamia Medics International (IMI) and appreciates their efforts in
supporting the heath state in our  province.” Physicians Conference,
Babil University, Dr. Gauhar Mailk


Lectures were presented in Baghdad, Hila, Karbala, Kufa, and Najaf over the duration of the mission including the following:

Lecture Title


Acute Pancreatitis

Dr. Saeed Bokhari

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Dr. Iftekhar Bader

Acute Respiratory Failure

Dr. Iftekhar Bader

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Batul Ladak.

Diagnosis and Management of ADHD

Dr. Batul Ladak.


Zainab Ali, RN

Epilepsy in Children

Dr. Firdous Rizvi

Female Incontinence, CMG and PV Sling

Dr. Qassim Jaffery

GI Bleeding

Dr. Saeed Bokhari

Hand Assisted Lap Nephrectomy

Dr. Qassim Jaffery

Headaches in Children

Dr. Firdous Rizvi

Intubation Techniques

Dr. Iftekhar Bader

Laser Vaporisation of Prostate for BPH

Dr. Qassim Jaffery

Latest Updates on Urological Treatment

Dr. Qasim Jaffery

Management of Asthma: Obtaining optimum control

Dr. Batul Ladak

Minimally Invasive Techniques in Urology

Dr. Qassim Jaffery

Multiorgan System Failure

Dr. Iftekhar Bader

Neurodevelopmental Assessment

Dr. Batul Ladak.

Non Alcoholic Fatty liver Disease

Dr. Saeed Bokhari


Dr. Iftekhar Bader

Role of Nurses in ERCP

Dr. Saeed Bokhari

Seizures in Neonates

Dr. Firdous Rizvi

Septic shock

Dr. Iftekhar Bader

Technique of Bedside Tracheostomy

Dr. Iftekhar Bader

Ventilation and Antibiotic Use, Neonatal Pediatrics

Dr. Zehra Panjvani

Verucossa Oral Carsinoma

Dr. Gulammehdi Sumar



Dr. Qasim Jaffry

Dr. Najwa Salih al Jawad Zalzala

Mr. Hasanain Kanji, MRPharms


Food for Thought: Foraging for Dinner in Najaf

Amongst the villages visited by the IMI Iraq Delegation was an impoverished one on the outskirts of Najaf. This village of about 50 displaced Shia families would feed its population from scraps of food like fruit cores and peelings that would be collected by searching through trash. The scraps would be dried out in the sun all day to cleanse them and then eaten for dinner.

Several IMI delegates independently, through the efforts of Samana Zaidi, raised funds for food for the villagers. The supplies were delivered a few days after the delegation left.



Sun-drying scraps for village dinner



In addition to lectures and hospital ward rounds, IMI delegates also trained colleagues and students including junior and senior doctors, nurses, social workers, nursing assistants, technicians and allied healthcare workers throughout their visits. Trainings conducted include:

Dr. Saeed Bukhari

Bioengineering, Hilla, Dr. Qasim Jaffery Clinical Training for Psychiatric staff, Karbala, Najaf, Zainab Ali Cross Contamination and Dental Nursing, Hilla, Karbala and Najaf, Dr. Ghulammedhi Sumar Exploration and Degloving of Penis and Cavernotomy its Principle and Technique, Hilla, Dr. Qasim Jaffery General Neurology and Stroke Management Training, Hilla, Dr. Gauhar Malik Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Nephrectomy, Karbala and Najaf,

Dr. Qasim Jaffery Intubation Techniques, Dr. Iftekhar Bader Laser Vaporisation of the Prostate,
Karbala, Dr. Qasim Jaffery Laser Vaporisation of Prostate for BPH, Najaf, Dr. Qasim Jaffery Neonatal Resuscitation Course teaching Intubation, Najaf, Dr. Zehra Panjvani Plication for Peyronies Disease, Karbala, Dr. Qasim Jaffery
Pre and Post Op Training for ECT Patients, Hilla, Karbala and Najaf, Zainab Ali Principles of Rigid Ureteroscopy, Hilla, Dr. Qasim Jaffery Principle of Ureteroscopy and Lithotripsy, Karbala and Najaf, Dr. Qasim Jaffery Pubovaginal Sling for Stress Urinary Incontinence, Karbala, Dr. Qasim Jaffery Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor, its Technique and Principles, Hilla, Dr. Qasim Jaffery Technique of Bedside Tracheostomy, Dr. Iftekhar Bader Ureteroscopy and Lithotripsy, its Principles and Use, Hilla, Dr. Qasim Jaffery



Above: Haider Naqvi, RPh.
Below: Dr. Ghulam Hadi Kadiwal

IMI delegates met with the Ex-governor of Najaf and Sheikh Ali al- Najafi son of Grand Ayatollah Bashir al- Najafi.


Meetings: Religious Leaders

Left: IMI Group B delegates with Ayatollah Fayyad Right: Ali Mirza with Ayatollah Najafi

IMI delegates had the honor to meet several prominent religious and community leaders including Ayatollah Sistani, Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi and Ayatollah Fayyad.

Meetings: Health Authorities
IMI delegates met numerous health authorities including hospital and university heads and current and former government officials.

In Karbala, IMI delegates met with Dr. Alaa Badyr, Director General Health at al-Hussain Hospital.

IMI professional delegates were invited to dinner at Kufa University, where they met with Dr. Rezak al Essa, President of Kufa University, Dr. Jinnan Ubaydi, Advisor on Health to the Iraqi Parliament and Pediatrician, and Dr. Rizwan Kamal al-Kindi, Director General of Najaf Hospital and faculty from Kufa University.

Rezak al Essa, President of Kufa University

At the dinner, IMI delegates were presented with plaques and Qurans in gratitude of their help.

Dr. Jinnan Ubaydi also presented a talk to the female delegates at this event.

IMI delegates were invited to one of Sadaam’s former palaces to meet with health authorities and medical staff from the province of Babil. In addition, at Sadaam’s guest house, IMI delegates met with Dr. Mohammad Haider Mehdi, Director General Health at Marjan Hospital in Hilla and Dr. Mohammad Muhana Gastrointerologist at Hilla.

In Hilla, some IMI delegates also met with the manager of Marjan Hospital, Dr. Mohammad Abdul Reza.








IMI delegation at Saddam’s former palace, Babil



Orphans in Iraq are defined not by the lack of both parents, but by the lack of a father. Many orphanages provide services for both mothers and children.

Snapshot: Adhar A-Zahra Foundation
Adhar A-Zahra Foundation provides education and day-care facilities to hundreds of orphans in Najaf.



NGO’s, Community Visits,  and Social Work

IMI delegates also visited some Iraqi villages and met numerous displaced Iraqis. The villagers’ arsh realities included stories of bomb blasts and survivors who were unable to work, resulting in families becoming destitute.

IMI also visited NGO’s in Iraq including the al-Hakim Foundation office in Najaf, where IMI delegates met Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim and Sayyid M. Bahar al-Uloom.

Mr. A. Kermalli, Sayyid A. Al-Hakim, Sayyid M. Bahar al-loom

IMI delegates also visited severalorphanages including the Adhar AZahra Foundation that provides education and day-care facilities to hundreds of orphans in Najaf, and the al-Akeelah Foundation, which serves nearly 11,000 orphaned children—a dramatic increase from about 100 orphans in 2003.

At the orphanage, IMI delegates also examined some children who were complaining of health related issues.

Dr. Rizwan Kazmi

IMI delegates collaborated with Dr.Haider of the Al-Asr Foundation in Karbala. Additionally, IMI delegates visited Sheikh Sadiqhi’s center in Karbala that also houses a clinic.





Dr. Tanveer Abidi made plans with Sayyid Alaudin al-Mosawi for her to return to al-Akeelah foundation to teach in January 2010.

   Moving Forward

IMI is continuing to work with the hospitals, clinics, NGOs, and community based entities to improve the access to and quality of the healthcare for the people of Iraq. Future plans regarding follow up care and visits are already underway. In addition to Dr. Tanveer Abidi’s plans to return to teach at al-Akeelah Foundation, Dr. Bokhari, Dr. Sumar, Dr. Q. Jaffry are also planning follow up visits in the near future. Furthermore, Dr. Batool Ladak has been collaborating with individuals from the al-Hakeem Foundation to improve conditions for the Iraqi

people. Hasanain Kanji has been working with colleagues at Hilla Hospital to set up a proper, functioning toxbase. Many delegates have also submitted recommendations and additional proposals regarding particular needs in their areas of expertise as determined in their first fact-finding mission. These include prevention and intervention programs in neurodevelopmental disabilities, and, with the efforts of Dr. Bokhari, the adoption of the GI department in Karbala to assist and improve the quality of GI care available. Training programs for Iraqi


physicians and nurses are also being investigated including the coordination of ACLS, ATLS and PALS courses in collaboration with other international entities. Finally, support is also being provided to Iraqi colleagues by IMI delegates in the form of mailed documents containing samples of ICU/CCU protocols, guidelines and other medical protocols. For more information,
please email IMI HQ: imi@imamiamedics.com.



Supporting Entities
Aqae Mudarrisi
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Al Hakim Foundation
Imam Mahdi Association of
Marjaeeya (I.M.A.M)
Imam-a-Zamana Foundation
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IMI Iraq Initiative Delegates

Delegation Chief: Dr. Barkat Abbas Jaferi, MD, FACP
Associate Delegation Chief: Dr. Gulam Hadi Kadiwal, MD, DA, FRCA
Group A Leader: Mr. Haider Mohammad Syed, RPh
Group A Chief: Dr. Gulammehdi Ramzan Sumar
Group B Leader: Dr. Syed Rizwan Hyder Kazmi, MD, RPh
Group B Chief: Dr. Shehla Hasnain Naqvi, MD*
Dr. Tanveer Fatima Abidi, Ph.D.
Ms. Zainab Ali, RN
Mr. Mir Ali Mazhar Jr
Ms. Masooma Asghar
Ms. Marium Asghar
Dr. Mir Mohammed Asghar, MD, FACR
Ms. Batool Naz
Ms. Tasneem Bader
Dr. Iftekhar Hussain Bader, MD, FACP
Ms. Sara Zainab Bokhari
Ms. Rubia Saeed Bokhari
Dr. Syed Saeed Parvez Bokhari, MD,
Dr. Anis Fatma Jaferi, MD
Mr. Syed Ali Maesum Jaffry
Mr. Syed Muhammad Kumail Jaffry
Ms. Sanober Jaffry
Dr. Syed-Muhammed Qasim Jaffry, MBBS, MMedSc(Urol), FRCS, FEBU
Ms. Rabab Jaffery, RN
Mr. Hasanain Gulamabbas Abdulla Kanji, MRPharms
Ms. Shaheena Jabeen Kazmi


Mr. Syed Munir Kazmi
Ms. Fatma Kermalli
Mr. Ashakali Kermalli
Dr. Batul Ladak, MD, FAAP
Dr. Saiyeda Sikandar Madad, MD, FAAP
Dr. Syed Sikandar Madad, MD, FACS
Mr. Gauhar Abbas Malik
Mr. Ali Reza Mirza
Ms. Erum Fatima Naqvi
Dr. Zehra Firoz Panjvani, MD, FAAP
Mr. Aliraza Rajani
Ms. Zinat Aliraza Rajani
Dr. Agha Mohammad Kazim Raza, MBBS, MD
Dr. Firdous Rizvi, MD
Ms. Osia Rizvi

Dr. Hasnain Mujtaba Syed, MBBS, MRCP, FCPS
Ms. Rabab Fatima Taqvi
Dr. Syed Ghazanfar Hassan Taqvi, BDS, RDS, FFDRCSI
Mr. Muhammed Mujtaba Taqvi
Ms. Syeda Amna Hassan Taqvi
Ms. Syeda Kisa Zahra Taqvi
Ms. Uzma Zahra Taqvi
Ms. Tauseef Fatima Yaseen, MSC
Ms. Samana Abid Zaidi
Dr. Najwa Salih Al Jawad Zalzala, RD, PhD
* Unfortunately Dr. Shehla Naqvi was hurt upon arrival in Iraq and hospitalized. She underwent surgery and is still recovering from the painful injury and procedure. We hope you will join IMI as we pray for her full recovery.