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The Al-Hakim Foundation is an international educational and
welfare non-profit organization.

The Foundation was established in July 2004 for promoting intellectual excellence, religious
dialogue and cultural understanding. It brings relief to the poor and those thus disposed, providing
access to education and promoting democracy and good governance within civil society.

The Foundation was registered with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Cooperation and other
governmental offices in Iraq in July 2004
In 2007 the foundation gets the special consultative statues with the ECOSOC of UN.

Al-Hakim foundation is one of the first and most important organization of civil society in the new
Iraq, with cultural, social and humanitarian activates.

Extended its work from the south to Iraqi Kurdistan, it has 15 main offices and 35 offices in
distracts and three international offices in New York, Geneva and Beirut.
It has around 500 educational, cultural and humanitarian centers.

Moreover, has distinct activities in different areas, including humanitarian relief to support orphans,
who numbered (85000) in its relief programs.

In addition, the foundation provides care and treatment for the needy, sick, and poor people. Also
establish collective marriage ceremonies for young people, as numbered (4000) personnel by
providing all the necessary requirements for marriage.

Provide housing and food for displaced from their home areas, the impact of hard times In Iraq
because of terrorism and the number (51000) have been displaced.
Al-Hakim foundation is active in the fight against illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness founded
(14) schools (primary and middle schools)

Also it has a University (Attosi University) with academic competence variety.
The foundation open cultural courses to invests summer holiday for students in various Iraqi
towns and villages for males and females, with a total of cultural courses for five years (8952), and
the number of Student participants (486506).

The Foundation working hard to liberate women and provide them opportunities, and helping them
through opening many centers with various activists in the field of culture, art and skills in
programs organized by the continuous over five years succeeded in highlighting the role of Iraqi
women in building the present and future.

The Foundation held (16) quarterly conference in which hundreds of scientists and university
professors from various regions of Iraq participate.

In addition to art exhibits, poetry and story competitions, which belongs to the Foundation (651)
poet, ( 342) artists in various performing arts, plastic and decoration.
That has provided the opportunity to establish more than (3640) festival poetic, and (45) art
exhibition, and (14) expanded at a conference of thought, literature, art, and also the foundation
provided (23) made plays.
In the field of youth and sports the foundation held (200) Championship for the various sports
clubs and sports teams in Iraq with a number of conferences for youth sports and 4 conferences
sports expanded.

The foundation issued (8) releases between newspaper and magazine.

Foundation seeks always wise to participate in the construction of cultural and supporting human
rights in Iraq, the eradication of religious and ethnic extremism, creating a culture of tolerance and
dialogue between Iraqis themselves and between Iraqis and the world.

Main Departments and Their Activities

The Foundation performs its variant activities through a group of specialized departments and
divisions. The most important ones are listed below:

Public Relations Department

This department deals with the special plans for field coordination among other departments and
divisions of the Foundation so as to uplift the institutional reality inside and outside Iraq. It also
works on communicating with other organizations, societies, and all the peers of the community. It
held many local and global conferences, and the most vital ones are Mass-graves conferences
and sport and the youth conferences. It executed many programs on spreading the culture of
tolerance, rejecting radicalism and extremism, and respecting humane rights and the noble

Department of Arts and Literature

This department plays a notable role at the fields of fine arts and sublimed literature which
express the status of founding the renewable aesthetic existence. It embraces a large number of
poets, writers, calligraphers, painters, and chanters. It also supervises many festivals, seminars,
conferences, and artistic exhibitions. The number of the cultural conferences exceeded 32.

Department of Women

This is the most vital department at the Foundation since it is entrusted with taking care of the Iraqi
woman all over the country so as to compensate her for what she had suffered during the reign of
the ex-regime through holding cultural and intellectual courses, conferences, forums, and
processions those call for social justice and protecting women rights inside and outside Iraq. It
held more than 30 conferences and 2200 training courses at different fields.

Department of Humanitarian Assistance

This department is considered as one of the most important civil society organizations in Iraq. Its
concerns are planning and supervising the achievement of humanitarian and charitable projects
like orphans adoption project which involves 100000 orphan, group marriage ceremonies for
orphans and the universities students which covered 4767 individuals. While the poor relief
program registered 5000 person. Moreover, the number of the forcibly displaced people who attain
relief reached 53000 families.

Department of Information

This department works on issuing Belagh Newspaper and other six magazines which deals with
the cultural activities in Iraq according to what achieves the strategic goals of the Foundation.

The Foundation has a complete supervision over a group of the governmental registered
educational institutions. They are a group of 14 primary, intermediate, and preparatory schools for
about 2550 students from both sexes. The texts taught there are specified by the Iraqi Ministry of
Education besides computer and English language from the first class on.

Moreover, the Foundation supervises a group of institutions which is specialized in social and
guiding sciences rather than Al- Sheikh Al-Tousy College for human and plain sciences. There are
groups of students' formations which are linked to the Foundation at most of the Iraqi universities
working on achieving the overall targets of the Foundation.
The Foundation adopts special programs for cooperating with the international civil society
organization in order to achieve prolific cooperation and to participate in actualizing the
humanitarian and cultural goals.
The Foundation is always keen on participating in the international conferences, particularly those
held under the patronage of the United Nation rather than other international conferences and
forums in order to exchange experiences to keep pace with the evolution and to send a message
to all the ones who care.