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The Second Scientific Conference for Youth
Under the theme:
(Progress of nations depend on prosperity and rise of youth))
The department of public relations in Al-Hakim foundation held the Second Scientific Conference for Youth.
Conference attended by large number of politicians and religious persons in addition to large gathering of citizens professional in
the field of youth who came from all over Iraq.
The aim of the conference is to (highlight the most important priorities of the needs of young people of Iraq and find practical
mechanisms for their development)

The conference based on the three axes:
  1. Youth and Sports.
  2. Youth and economic development.
  3. Youth and sports education.

The Conference was held in two stages:
In the first stage was to discuss researches presented by researchers participating in the conference which reached more than 86
researches focused on the three mentioned axes,54 of them were selected through 9 researching meetings.

The second stage of the Conference which was held on 11/21/2008.
In the University of Kufa, which attended by Sayeed Ammar al-Hakim secretary-general of Al-Hakim foundation and the Minister of
Youth and Sports Mr. Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Sayeed Hassan Al-Hakim deputy secretary-general as well as religious persons,
politicians and sport personalities.
The final statement of the Conference included the following recommendations:

1–Importance of cooperation between the family and the relevant educational institutions to develop the perfect solutions to social
problems with a negative impact on young people which include(disintegration of the family, family problems and the high incidence
of divorce, and the spread of the drug trade and handling, homosexuality, deterioration of the scientific levels of the students at all
levels of study and the reluctance of young people from Schools and universities under various reasons)

2 - The adoption of practical solutions to the problems of young people in need of scientific cooperation, teacher, family and
educational institutions
such as the importance of science and knowledge and their role in the progress and prosperity of nations and care for school staff
and put the professional people in this field  providing advanced and attention to improve the scientific centers and skills
development and training in modern technical means.

3- Establishment of national center to study and diagnose the causes of unemployment, and the formation of a database of
unemployed young Iraqis to find the solutions to the problems that prevent their participation in the process of overall economic

4- Acceleration of activating the national investment law to attract domestic and foreign investors in order to accommodate the
largest number possible of the work to the unemployed.

5 - Establishment of Credit Fund and the granting of youth small and medium loans for the purpose of encouraging them to
autonomy and following up implementation by the donor and grant preferential treatment to unemployed women and work with
strategy to support the private sector.

6 - Comprehensive education for uses of modern technology (Internet - Mobile - Satellite).

7 – Activating mechanisms of cooperation between the ministries (Youth and Sports - Education - Higher Education and Scientific
Research) to unified its activities for the advancement of young people in Iraq.

8 - Promotion the Ministry of Youth and Sports by professionals specialized in scientific social and psychological as well as physical

9 – Accelerate the process of building sports complexes in all residential area.

10 – The need to increase financial support for schools and universities for the development of sporting, artistic, cultural and active
participation in local and international competitions, and encourage the opening of night schools and universities for the purpose of
engaging the various activities that can not be practiced unless during office hours For lack of time.

11 - interest in meaningful educational information centers through the establishment of independent media centers interested in
youth and aim to deliver of the correct information to them.

12 –importance of establishment Institute of development and technical training and management of the youth sector in general and
sports in particular by Ministry of youth and sports, depending on Iraqi professionals in addition to foreign expertise if needed, and
according to modern scientific methods.

13 - Local governments need to adopt the establishment of the consultative status of Youth Affairs and Sports, to take on the burden
of planning and follow-up to the youth affairs in the province in accordance with the policy set out under the supervision of experts.

14 – The need to pay attention to women's sport in Iraq and adopt a new management policy that relies proper planning for
achieving progress and success and to give women their rights guaranteed the exercise of sport.

15 -The need for paying attention to the levels of obesity to recognize the danger of nutrition-related disorders and to prevent
activities that cause significant weight loss or weight gain.

16 - Finally, participants suggested the formation of a committee to follow up the implementation of these recommendations
through liaison with relevant.
Table Tennis championship:

Department of Youth and Sport of Al-Hakim foundation arrange the first ( Mrayter of Almehrab)
championship in table tennis (ping pong) in the city of Al-Najaf with participation of 24 players and
supervision of Iraqi National Team coach Mr. Salim Abdul Razzaq.
The championship continued for 3 days and witnessed participation from different age groups.
Al-Hakim foundation arranged 45 football championships during the last 5 years.
Also the foundation preformed financial and mental support for more than 100 sport activities and
participated in more than 150 sport activities.
The foundation also held tow large and professional national conferences with participation of
professional academics from inside and outside Iraq.
Distributing gifts and school supplies for students
The Foundation Presents its Annual Congregational Wedding Ceremony

Al-Hakim foundation sponsored on October 31st, 2011 the annual congregational wedding for more
than 1,000 young men and women in the city of Basra south of Iraq.  

The secretary general of Al-Hakim foundation, Ammar Al-Hakim, emphasized that the beautiful religion
of Islam set laws for reducing the amount of complications that may occur during the devoted life of a
married couple so that their marriage can move in a peaceful and happy manner.

It is the nature of reality and compassion that allows us to accept each other’s differences in some
details and allows us to withstand and tolerate each other in some issues that may be hard for us to
alter and this acts as the proper path to leading a successful and happy marriage.   

His Eminence stressed on the importance of clarifying a pure situation that expresses the couples
love and affection for each other. He added that marriage creates a state of righteousness for the
human being as he fulfills his instinct in a proper and legitimate manner which leads to a state of
perfection and allows him to become closer to God.