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Statement submitted by the Al-Hakim Foundation, a non-governmental
organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social
Through its participation in the fifty-third session of the Commission on the Status of Women, the
Al-Hakim Foundation is representing the Iraqi women. We would like to draw the attention of the
world, through our participation in this meeting, to the suffering and injustice that Iraqi women
faced during the former dictatorial regime and continue to face due to cowardly terrorist acts that
leave Iraqi women, the largest social group in Iraq, to suffer.

The Al-Hakim Foundation is a social, cultural and educational non-governmental organization with
a department of women affairs, which has special consultative statues with the Economic and
Social Council.

We work hard to enable women to obtain all their rights, including the right to contribute to decision-
making and equality in law and in entering the labor market. At the same time, we strive to bring
the voice of Iraqi women to all international forums and meetings.

We participated last year in the fifty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women
and we are determined to seriously and effectively participate in all international forums dealing
with women's affairs. We will continue in our efforts to promote the role of women and help them to
play a fundamental role in society equally with men - through providing intensive courses and
seminars, and urging the Government to provide employment opportunities for women, and
provide humanitarian assistance and support women affected by wars and conflict in our country.

The department of women's affairs in the Al-Hakim Foundation is working hard to raise the
scientific and cultural level of Iraqi women to play an effective role in society. We believe that
scientific awareness and cultural values play an active role in making woman more powerful in the
face of challenges and risks, including the risk of HIV/AIDS

We want to draw the world's attention to the suffering of millions of widows in Iraq, who are the
victims of the former dictatorial regime, wars, and terrorism, and we urge the United Nations and
all nations and humanitarian organizations to provide aid and assistance to this large social group
in Iraq.

We emphasize the leadership role played by Iraqi women, and we appreciate the steps taken by
the Iraqi Government for women. We call on all Governments to work to abolish all forms of
discrimination against women in employment and other fields of life. We also call for a greater role
and support to be given to women's organizations, and to facilitating their presence and
participation in international forums and conferences to bring women's voices, in a transparent
and clear way, to the world.

We believe that focusing on some of the negative examples of Arab and Muslim women, which are
the result of underdevelopment and ignorance (even of the Islam religion, itself), and consider
these negative examples as the correct image of women, would be considered unjust to Arab and
Muslim women, and a denial of women’s leading role in all fields of life.

We stress the importance that the United Nations, Governments and interested organizations work
on women's equality, the eradication of illiteracy by providing a means of education, raising the
standard of living and combating poverty through employment creation and the equal provision of
medical care to women and men.

Finally, we stress on the importance of health education for women and providing basic and
essential medical care to women, especially in poor communities, which we believe will contribute
to reducing health problems and diseases, including HIV AIDS.

Statement submitted by Al-Hakim Foundation, a non-governmental organization in consultative
status with the Economic and Social Council