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Al-Hakim foundation through it s various activates is sharing the global interest toward achievement the
Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015.

In order to achieve these goals Al-Hakim foundation directing all activates that preformed by the foundation
towards the 8 goals that specified by the UN.

The foundation also trying to have the best ways of cooperation with different UN agencies and with other
international institutes to work together towards achievements of MDGs.

Al-Hakim foundation is strongly believe that the MDGs are important for reducing the suffering of millions all
over the world and that’s influence the foundation to create various programs that aiming to achieve these

The foundation believe that civil society institutes have very important role to play in this field, therefore the
foundation always seeking to have cooperation with other institutes inside and outside Iraq and trying to
enter in partnership programs with other organizations which allow to exchange the experience and facilities
to achieve the same sharing goals that’s include the MDGs.

Summary of Al-Hakim foundation activities towards MDGs.:

1- Eradication extreme poverty and hunger:
The foundation create many programs during the last five years aiming to reach this goal
The Department of Humanitarian Relief in the foundation establish various programs to help poor families,
widows, orphans and other needy social groups in Iraq
These programs help in reducing the suffering of these needy people through providing the grants
assistance for them and providing training programs which enable them to have necessary skills make them
qualified to get jobs and also the foundation help large number of needy people to start their own business
through the (micro business opportunity programs)
In addition the foundation always encourage the Iraqi governments to create jobs opportunities for
unemployed and in this field the foundation hold many conferences and do studies to provide the
governments and other interested institutes with necessary data .
Following are some examples of activities preformed by Al-Hakim foundation to eradicate poverty and hunger:

Orphan sponsorship
The total number of orphans sponsored by Al-Hakim foundation nearly one hundred thousand orphans.

Relief poor families:
The foundation provide assistance through its relief programs to (1391) poor and needy families
The Foundation provides grants and financial assistance in addition to the medical assistance to these

Food Assistance:
The foundation distributed food assistance to (3972) family

Relief victims of sectarian displacement:
Al-Hakim foundation support 52,638 families victims of sectarian displacement
The assistance includes financial assistance and distributing essential needs like blankets, food, tints, etc...

Eid Gifts:
Al-Hakim foundation distributed clothes and school bags to the (1750) orphan children on Holiday of Al-Eid

Collective feasts:
It designed to provide feast in the month of Ramadan to the families' victims of sectarian displacement to
contribution in the alleviation of their Suffering and sympathy in their plight. Collective feasts has been
established by the foundation for (500) family and (750) orphans

Sponsorship of orphan marriage:
During 5 years, Al-Hakim foundation sponsored marriage of (4767) orphan's young couples and arrange
marriage ceremonies for them.
The foundation also provides those newly married couples by furniture, electrical and full household

Urgent financial assistance:
Al-Hakim foundation provide urgent grants help for (8919) family which are affected and their homes
damaged due to violence events took place in Iraq

Distributing of wheelchairs
Al-Hakim foundation distributed wheelchairs for more than (350) disabled people in various regions of Iraq's

2- Achieve universal primary education:
To achieve this goal Al-Hakim foundation establish (Al-Emam Ali schools) which provide primary education
for children in different parts of Iraq. The foundation has 14 primary and elementary schools in provinces of Al
Najaf, Babylon and Al Dewanya. Thousands of children enrolled in these schools to obtain there essential
education. All these schools are licensed by Ministry of teaching in Iraq.   

3- Promote gender equality an empower women:
Al-Hakim foundation and through the department of women affairs is directing their activities and programs
to achieve this goal

The department of women's affairs in the Al-Hakim Foundation is working hard to raise the scientific and
cultural level of Iraqi women to play an effective role in society. The foundation believes that scientific
awareness and cultural values play an active role in making woman more powerful in the face of challenges
and risks.
The foundation through its programs is aiming to enable women to obtain all their rights, including the right
to contribute to decision-making and equality in law and in entering the labor market. At the same time, the
foundation strives to bring the voice of Iraqi women to all international forums and meetings.

The department of women affairs is actively working to enable the Iraqi women from playing its actual role in
building Iraqi community and play an effective role in the new Iraq.
To achieve the 3nd MDG the department of women affairs establish many programs that aiming to empower
women and enable them to gain all rights in equal manor with men. Therefore various program was
establish in democracy, human rights, political affairs, and media and education fields.

The foundations hold many conferences in the last 5 years that discus all issues related to women, in the
same time the foundation actively participate in many international conferences and meetings related to
women issue such us the commission of women statues which take place at New York in 2008.
The foundation also establishes many workshops, seminars and periodic meetings to empower the role of
women in the society.
The foundation issued many releases that specialized in women issues such as Alsedigha magazine and
Dhifaf magazine and Hawaona magazine which all provide important studies and researches that discuss
most of the problems that women facing and trying to put proper solutions for these problems
In the same field Al-Hakim foundation establish many training programs in computer, sewing and other
skills necessary for gaining jobs or starting small business for women in addition to the financial supports to
the widows and needy women.
In the mean while the foundation encourage the government to provide more educational programs and jobs
opportunities equally with men.
The foundation is continuing in collecting data about women’s scientific and intellectual expertise in order to
foster an educational and information project for women; and application  of this expertise in women’s
training and their rapid enrollment;
Al-Hakim foundation will continue in efforts to promote the role of women and help them to play a
fundamental role in society equally with men - through providing intensive courses and seminars, and urging
the Government to provide employment opportunities for women, and provide humanitarian assistance and
support women affected by wars and conflict in Iraq.

4-The foundation establish many programs and did  various activities aiming to provide essential medical
care for children, women in poor and needy families, also work with official medical authorities to distribute
and provide  important vaccinations for infants and kids.                                                                       
Through the program of (Mobile Medical Unit) the foundation provide medical help and treatment to
thousands of families in distant areas in Iraq to the poor people that cannot afford the expenses of medical
care through providing medical examination by professional medical staff and supply these people by
medication that they need. This program also play important role in early diagnosis of variety of diseases.     
The out come of all these programs and activities preformed by Al-Hakim foundation is working towards
achievement of MDGs 4th,5th and

Regarding the 8th goal the foundation always seeking in its program to have partnership with other institutes
and organization to perform variety of programs that aiming to the development in all fields which include the
social and sustainable development. The foundation participate in most meetings hold by UN to discusses
the social and sustainable development at New York and participate in the Doha meeting which took place in
November 2008. Al-Hakim foundation will continue in the efforts for participating in global partnership
programs for development with various UN agencies and local and international institutes.