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Al-Hakim foundation called for Islamic Day of anti-violence against women

Al-Hakim foundation called to represent the first day of month Sufar (second month in the Islamic calendar) of every year as the
Islamic Day of “anti-violence against women”.
The call for this initiative came out during the first national conference of civil society organizations arrange by Al-Hakim foundation
and held in Al-Najaf on 1-13-2009
Under the banner of:
(Civil society organizations together to build a new Iraq, united and coherent)

Secretary General of Al-Hakim foundation Sayed Ammar Al-Hakim on his speech in the conference called on all institutions of civil
society and humanitarian organizations in Iraq and the world attention to the serious subject matter and to carry out its
responsibilities to lift the injustice and deprivation suffered by women.
The conference attended by Iraqi Minister of State for civil society organizations
Mr. Thamer Al-Zubiady and large number of representatives from the most of Iraqi civil society institutes.
                  Al-Hakim Foundation organize a cultural forum

The division of Literature and the Arts in department of women affair in Al-Hakim foundation held a cultural forum on Jan.16th
This activity organized in cooperation with (AlNajafi educational space) institute
Many cultural and historical topics discussed in this forum including moral and humanitarian values of Imam Hussein’s revolution
Many university professors, poets, students and interested professionals attend this forum which moderated by Professor Dr.
Abdullah Aljanaby.   
At the end the forum appreciation certificate awarded to the participants
                                          Al-Hakim Foundation
                            Woman Affairs Department

Woman Affair Dept. is a prime and basic department of Al-Hakim Foundation, which is founded as a result of the comprehensive,
scrutinizing view and the extreme adherence to diagnose the rights of Iraqi woman, after multiple years of disregard with absolute
isolation during the dictatorship time in Iraq which extended for around four decades. Woman in Iraq had no real, noticeable
existence with the policies of illiteracy and unidirectional ideology that controlled the true state of woman. Therefore, this Department
has appeared to put the final touches for new phase woman where woman can live in humanitarian, intellectual and cultural
environment. It derived its principles from the general principles of the Niche Martyr Organization which enabled her to affect the
woman state in Iraq and expand and diffuse, believing in the woman's ability to undertake the leading roles in the family and society
hand in hand with her man partner, and to play her role in industrializing culture and knowledge.

The Woman Affairs Dept. of the Organization started in a single room, wherein three female volunteers. Thereafter, it showed quick
expansion with openness on all woman environments with their varying Iraqi ideologies in the civil and the rural surroundings, in the
schools and the Universities all over Iraq. The woman offices and branches increased little by little and they are more than 56 offices
and branches. As well as such overwhelming quantitative expansion, there also was a great qualitative one represented by the
multiplication of the department's activities within all the cultural, intellectual, artistic, literary and poetry fields. The Department as
well worked on establishing a number of woman workshops to teach the Iraqi woman several arts and handicrafts that assist
woman to practice her hobbies and consolidate her innovations in addition to improve her economical and living situation.

Important activities statistics of the Woman Affairs Dept. between 2003 & 2008

1-        No. of the public cultural and intellectual courses: 90606.
2-        No. of the cultural symposiums supporting the application of democracy: 400.
3-        No. of IT courses: 87.
4-        No. of dressmaking courses: 241.
5-        No. of artistic courses (painting and sculpture): 56.
6-        No. of handicrafts courses: 121.
7-        No. of fitness courses: 75.
8-        Overall No. of art and literature exhibitions and festivals: 700

The overall No. of beneficiaries from such courses was 403742. Many specialized teachers, whether or not affiliated in the Dept.,
delivered lecture in the said courses. The Permanent Cadre of teachers was 11246 for 2008, whilst the Temporal Contracts Cadre
of was 4130 for the same year.

In addition to the above, the Woman Affairs Dept. of the Niche Martyr Organization works through committees specialized in
developing its activities to realize the greatest benefit for the Iraqi woman in the promising future.
Seminar on combating violence against women

Al-Hakim Foundation set up a research seminar on combating violence against women
Seminar attended by professional academics and specialized persons from (Al-Hwza Al-Elmia) on
June 20, 2009.
The seminar included in the major axis (the subject of women and the vision of Islam), and with
research on the role of a prophet, and the Holy Quran on legislations in this regard.
Sayyed Hussian Al-Hakim started  the seminar by giving introduction on the general characteristics
of the Islamic legislation, and the role of women in the family and the Islamic view.
Sayyed Hussian explained the role and position of the women in Islam through different periodic
stages with modern changes and he talked about women's position in the system of values and
the system of rights and duties.
Participated in the symposium of selected researchers and professionals in the legislative issues
and social and legal, including Sheikh Aqil al-Khafaji member in the Department of Scientific
Research, Dr. Jinan al-Obeidi, and Dr. Laila al-Khafaji members of the Iraqi Council of
Representatives of the United Iraqi Alliance, and Dr. Kazem Shoroq Baghdad University, and Ms.
Mageda Shannon Director of the Department of Women's Affairs in Al-Hakim Foundation, in
addition to the presence of a selection of women's academic figures from a number of universities
Third Annual National Conference on Violence
Against Women in Baghdad on 8th of January 2011

On the occasion of the Islamic Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, Al-Hakim
Foundation held the Third Annual National Conference on Violence against Women in Baghdad on
8th of January 2011 in the presence of a large gathering of women and men, including members
of the House of Representatives, and cultural and academic elites in the country.
The conference opened by the keynote speech for H.E. Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim, the Secretary –
General of the foundation, who strongly condemned the phenomenon of violence against women
in all its forms and manifestations, whether it was verbal, moral or physical. Noting in this context
to the reports about the amount of abuses that women suffered all over the world,
H. E. stressed the need to seek out the roots and causes and consequences of this dangerous
phenomenon and how to treat them, considering the most serious cases of violence against
women when it turns into a phenomenon or an acceptable traditional behavior in society.

H.E praised the humanitarian situation of Islam, which honored women and considered them as
human beings that own all the elements of success and progress to building the life.
Islam put all the conditions and the visions to raise the injustice and oppression of women by
emphasizing that the fear of God and obeying him require respect and non encroachment for
women on one hand. On the other hand the package of legislation and laws that have committed
men and women to both exchanging and distributing the roles through a system, a social vision,
and an integrated family system.
His Eminence opened an exhibition of photographs and fine arts for the phenomenon of violence
against women. Many of the female figures that attended the conference expressed their thanks
and appreciation to Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim for his attention to women's issues and for his
defense of their rights.
Fourth Annual Conference of Islamic Day of Anti Violence
Against Women

Al-Hakim foundation organized the fourth annual activity of Islamic Day of Anti violence against
women where a large number of women and a number of political figures from different blocs,
sects and ethnic groups were present.
Al-Hakim foundation is always concerned in organizing political and cultural meetings to spread
the concept of eliminating violence against women.
In 2008 an initiative was launched by the late SayyidAbdul Aziz Al-Hakim to declare the first of Safar
(Islamic Calendar) as the Islamic Day of Anti-Violence against Women and he called on
international organizations and institutions to play a role in the protection of women, who are
suffering from injustice and oppression in some societies.
On  December 29, 2011 the Foundation held the Fourth Annual Forum of Anti Violence against
Secretary General of Al-Hakim foundation adressed in his speech the need to transform women's
grievances to the real starting point of building and change.
Sayyid Amar Al-Hakim also confirmed that women are the biggest victims of humanitarian violence
as we have seen in our history, whether it was physical, psychological, or moral.
Sayyed Amar Al-Hakim pointed that the Islamic view towards women is the view of diversity
between human sex,but not discrimination, Islam does not discriminate between men and
women, but rather reflects the state of differentiation between them, where the rights and
obligations equal to the men and women that are related to the exchange and integration of roles
in society.
H.E. emphasized the need to launch a scientific and practical initiative process which is a clearly
defined project, and outlined ten points for this initiative:
1- Establish a higher commission for women to develop the necessary scenarios, plans and
2- Providing the Ministry of Women in Iraq with full power and authorities.
3- Starting a national campaign to inform women of their constitutional, legal and social rights.
4- Establishment of specialized institutes in all provinces for training and providing women with the
skills required in their various tasks and affairs.
5- The establishment of special units in the police to deal with the special problems of women and
violence faced by women in the social dimension.
6- Social supervision by the Ministry of Women on the female prisoners in Iraq.
7- Encouraging the Iraqi banks to provide interest-free loans to micro- finance projects for women
to help in solving many financial hardships facing the millions of widows and women without
sponsors or sources of income.
8-Calling the government to  bear the responsibility of providing sustenance for widows, people
with special needs and women without source of income in the provision of housing and other
necessary  requirements of life .
9- Providing appropriate jobs opportunities for women in the state and privet sector.
10- Establishing of women's social service centers in all the provinces.
Statement issued by twenty-two Islamic foundations in Al-Najaf Al-
Ashraf stressing the importance of celebrating the first day of the
month of Safar as an “International Islamic Day for Opposing Violence
Against Woman”

In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, Peace and Blessings with Muhammed and his good
and pure Ahl al-Bayt.

The violence phenomenon is regarded as a human product deeply rooted in the cultural
structures that have surrendered to the evil-insinuating self, thus distancing themselves from the
scopes of Divine Mercy and from the Almighty in order to get to know the truth about the essence of
the human nature which is instilled according to the way Allah, the most Praised and Exalted One,
created it. Violence has undertaken many forms that have covered most human manifestations.
Perhaps the most obvious of testimonies to this fact is the violence directed against woman which
clearly surfaced in the Islamic history through the suffering to which the family of the most revered
Prophet was exposed in the aftermath of the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussain, to the harshness,
cruelty and barbarism that are deeply rooted within souls tempted by Satan and immersed into the
dark that distanced them from true conviction and pure humanity.

The first day of Safar of the year 61 A.H. (which coincided, according to the Gregorian Christian
calendar, with the 31st of October, 680) witnessed the dominance of injustice and the giving of the
upper hand to savage violence against woman. It left deep scars in the human spirit that require
making a stance about this date and adopting it as an international day for opposing violence
against women, for inspiring norms of challenge to such violence, for hearing the voice of the truth
which reverberated in the address made by the human huri, namely Zainab daughter of Imam Ali,
when she was violently shaken by the tyrants’ injustice and cruelty. Let this day take its course and
assume a global nature. Actually, all endeavors of knowledge, culture and civilization in their many
norms must be employed to embrace the religious, academic and literary address. Let it be
adopted by the cultural foundations till it is made a global day that occupies its place among
global boards and organizations so woman may be awarded what rightfully belongs to her, so her
dignity may be safeguarded.

Peace of Allah, His mercy and blessings with you all.

It is worth mentioning that the Dear One of Iraq, may Allah shower him with His mercy, launched
an initiative regarding violence towards woman in order to adopt the first day of Safar as an
Islamic Day for opposing violence against woman.

On the 29th of Inviolable Muharram 1433 A.H./December 25, 2011 A.D.

Alphabetical listing (according to original Arabic names) of endorsing establishments:

1. The Ahl al-Bayt Foundation for Revival of Heritage
2. Specialized Literary Library
3. Ameer Cultural Center
4. Najafi Anwar for Culture and Development
5. Foundation for the Legacy of Martyr al-Hakim (Allah sanctifies his soul)
6. Hikma (Wisdom) Foundation for Islamic Culture
7. House of Wisdom School for Islamic Sciences
8. League of Hussaini Pulpit Speakers
9. Imam al-Khoei Charitable Foundation
10. Martyr of the Niche Foundation
11. Scientific School of the Imam in Command
12. Imam al-Sadiq Foundation
13. Lady of Wisdom Orphan Care Foundation
14. Imam al-Kadhim Foundation
15. Specialized Institution for Oratory and Islamic Propagation
16. Lady of Wisdom Model Schools
17. Center for Studies Specialized in Imam al-Mahdi
18. Kashifal-Ghita Public Foundation
19. Al-Hadi Center for Islamic Media
20. Imam al-Sadiq Public Library
21. Scientific Board for the Foundation of the Martyr of the Niche
22. Imam al-Kadhim School for Theological Studies
Celebration of Iraqi Women Day

On 12/5/2012  Al-Hakim Foundation celebrated the Iraqi Women Day .
The celebration was attended by a large crowd of women, honoring a number of prominent women leaders in the country.

S-G of Al-Hakim Foundation in his remark called for the need to preserve and strengthen the achievements made by Iraqi women
in all fields and stressed to remove obstacles that hinder the enactment of legislation and laws that are in need.

Sayyed Amar Al-Hakim also pointed the need to focus on  widows and spinsters and those without financial support to develop
social welfare institutions to deal with their growing numbers .
He also called for economic and social policies and a development challenge of high unemployment for women and address the
seriousness of this dangerous, growing phenomenon.

He considered that the development opportunities and reward in gaining positions and centers that have a relationship with them
or reduce their potential fit with the reality of discrimination experienced by women in the reality of Iraq.
His Eminence also made a call to the governmental and civil institutions and media to take the responsibility on raising the
awareness to promote the rights of women, particularly in villages and rural areas that were exposed to violence against women
because of lack of understanding of multiple women to their natural rights.
S-G also called for adopting a policy of literacy for women in particular, noting that the current statistics give large numbers and
high rates of illiteracy.
He also stressed the criminalization of violence against women and regarded it as an offense punishable by law, he also pointed
to the need of more health care for women.
His Eminence congratulated the participants on the occasion of birth of Our Lady, Fatima Zahra ,calling on the Iraqi society to pay
attention to women as half of the society who raises the other half of the community, His Eminence said family is the foundation of
society and society is the core of nations, noting that women are the beginning.

S.G Meets With the Minister of Women

S.G. of Al-Hakim Foundation welcomed on 6/3/2012 Secretary of State for Women Dr. Ibtihal Kasd Zaidi.
During the meeting, they discussed the reality of Iraqi women and their suffering. His Eminence stressed the role of Iraqi women
in enriching the experience of Iraq through its presence in all fields, noting that all the achievements made in Iraq would not have
occurred without the presence of Iraqi women Minister of Women, Dr. Zaidi pointed to the role of Al-Hakim Foundation in support of
Iraqi women, through its activities in New York, and called for a reviewing of all policies and legislation that have not actually
supposed to Iraqi women's rights.