The First Iraqi National Conference for People with Special Needs

S-G of Al-Hakim Foundation SayyedAmmarAl-Hakim sponsored the first national conference for
people with special needson 10/13/2012 in Baghdad.

The conference was attended by the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations
in Iraq Mr. Martin Kobler, the Iraqi Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, and a number of members
of the parliament and a gather of citizens.

Sayyed Amar Al-Hakim in his presentation called for establishing a higher national commission as
an independent and specializes commission to deal with the people with special needs in order to
draw a strategy and put practical steps and take into account the psychological, social and living
conditions and the health and education for this segment of society, noting that caring about the
disables is one of the standards of civilized communities.

H.E called for a correction of government policies about this important segment of society based
on the right granted to them according to the Iraqi constitution and according to Article 29 of the
International Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, he stressed about the
importance of educating  the community to assume its responsibilities towards this important
segment, pointed out that it is important to work towards the full integration of people with special
needs as citizens with full rights of citizenship.

He stressed on the need to take into account the needs of this segment in all policies and
programs of economic, social and cultural development and provide them with the access to
media, information technology and communications as well as enable them to fully enjoy all
human rights.

H.E noted that the community has the first responsibility in caring about people with special needs
and later comes the responsibility of the state, government, parliament and other institutions to
assume their responsibility. He called for the correction of the misconception in the community
when described people with special needs by handicapped.

He also stressed on the need to pass special laws for this segment regarding their education,
employment and the effective participation in the decision-making on policies and programs,
especially those related to them. He also stressed about the importance of supporting the families
of this segment and creating a public social culture about the rights of people with special needs
through the curriculum at all levels, media and other means of education.
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