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Secretary-General Sayyed Al-Hakim Visits Camps of
Displaced Families

Secretary-General Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim visited the camps of displaced families in Erbil in
churches and monasteries, schools and areas of temporary residence in Arbil on September 22,
2014, and listened to their problems and needs during a meeting with a large number of them and
promised to seek to ease the suffering and return them back to their homes.
Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim called for increased attention to displaced people from areas affected by
the terrorist attacks and mass displacement, particularly the areas inhabited by minorities.
H.E confirmed that the real solution to the problem should be through speeding up the return of the
displaced to their liberated areas and providing them with protection as well as compensating them
Al-Hakim Foundation is continually providing various kinds of assistance to the displaced people in
Iraq through providing shelters and urgent medical assistance as well as basic humanitarian needs.

Fourth Annual Children’s Festival

Secretary –General Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim Sponsored the Fourth Annual Children’s Festival,
which was held in Baghdad on September 27th, 2014.
Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim called for considering the Iraqi children development initiative launched by
H.E in 2012 (one of the first projects submitted to the parliament) and the importance of adapting
this initiative as soon as possible because it is a matter that cannot be postponed.  
Ammar Al-Hakim said we carry a project to build a society and state that cares about children's
issues and challenges facing our same policy issues and challenges faced by the fateful, and that
childhood is the basis for building healthy communities, health and child care, and conscious of the
first priorities as they represent the future of care for the community and for our future, for our people.
Pointing out that one of the elements of child care begins from the sponsorship of motherhood.

H.E stated that the factors that destroy childhood in Iraq are:
Terrorism, corruption, mismanagement and software failures and lack of clear vision
H.E added today that we have a large number of orphans in Iraq because of terrorism and the
indiscriminate killing of identity and the lack of security and safety, and this will put great challenges
for the state and society to assist and care for these orphans and provide them with all the needs.

12th Mass Wedding Ceremony

The Secretary General opened up his statement during the mass wedding ceremony for 500 young
men and women held by Al-Hakim Foundation in Al-Najaf 02/14/2013 for low-income families and
the families of martyrs.
His eminence stressed on the need to overcome some of the customs that stand in the way of
marriage which lead to isolation and lack of openness between the Iraqi society, and stressed the
need to expand social frameworks through marriage, and explained that marriage in the image of
Islam reflects the first steps to building social and human integration.
He stated that a healthy family leads to a healthy society, although at the same time, the construction
of the family whose basis is fragile, leads to a weak community.
He also stressed on the importance of cooperation and assistance between the spouses in a
manner that achieves harmony and results in the success of the family, advising couples on mutual
respect, love and appreciation and partnership in the marital relationship to reach a strong
partnership in the community and emphasising on raising their children on that basis. While also
indicating that religion is the love of good which aids in protecting oneself from falling into sin, and
stressing that the head of the family must be the leading servant for his household.

Remarks of S.G. On the International Day of Women

Sayyed Ammar Al-hakim, S.G. of Al-Hakim foundation congratulated women on the occasion
of International Day of Women.

He emphasized that woman represent the basic pillar of society, and called for attention to women
and demanded to work for the formulation of the role and status of women by the Constitution, and to
consider woman as a partner and not a follower.

Calling for women to assume responsibility by demanding their rights and the provision of climates
to achieve the goals that seek it, His Eminence explained that there are some who consider woman
as a sin and there are those who look at women as a trade or commodity.

Noting that Islam did not close the door on women in playing a leading and pivotal role, he
confirmed that women in Iraq have made many achievements despite their great suffering.

He quoted reports that talk about 10% of women widowed and 38% who were unemployed, as well
as women's vulnerability to abuse and force into marriage and domestic violence, recalling the first
day of month Safar, which considered by Sayyed Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim  as the Islamic day for
elimination of Violence against Women .

Representative of UN Secretary General visited Al-Hakim

Representative of the Secretary-General of UN to Iraq Mr. Martin Kobler visited the office of Sayyed
Ammar Al-Hakim on 27th of October 2011.
Mr. Kobler confirms the support of UN to the initiatives and efforts of Al-Hakim to involve the youth for
success and progress of the political process in Iraq and invest their energies and potential in the
massive construction and reconstruction in Iraq.
S.G. of A-Hakim Foundation congratulated on UN Day and appreciated the role of the UN in
promoting peace and democracy.  
Sayyed Al-Hakim emphasized the importance of  UN role in helping Iraq achieve full sovereignty
through the relentless pursuit to solve problems related to the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII and lifting
of international sanctions imposed on it since 1990.
In this context, Mr. Kobler announced his desire to work on moving the Iraq UN missions and offices
into Iraqi territory, indicating that the security situation in Iraq is improving, stressing his commitment
to help the Iraqi people in different areas.
Sayyed Al-Hakim had drawn attention to that there are many of  U N missions to Iraq are still out of
Iraq, considering the difficulties for UN staff to be effective and influential when they practice their
roles from remote.

Statement of S.G. on Al-Babtin Poetic Conference in Dubai

Al-Hakim Foundation’s S.G. Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim invite  the Arab cultural institutions, particularly
Abdul Aziz Al-Babtain Foundation, which is one of the leading institutes that carries important tasks
on transport heritage poetic translation to the  other languages. To be communicating a memorable
party through the accurate translations , Al-Hakim added to his speech at the conference poetic  held
by the Al-Babtin Foundation in Dubai, UA E held under the banner of "Poetry and peaceful
coexistence" on Sunday 10/16/2011 : “we believe it is important to establish a joint forums between
the Arabic poets and non-Arabs to listen and hear each other to find a humanitarian ties away from
the intersections and volatility of politics”.
S.G. Called on to provide a true picture of Arabic people in the mind of Western people, after this
picture was distorted by many factors.
As well as the study of poetry in all the fields are a natural need to know the culture of the people and
dealing with humanitarian issues.
About the poetry in Iraq S.G. explained that poetry in Iraq expressed the interaction of the Iraqis with
the various cross-border and continents humanitarian issues, because the task of the poet is the
mission of humanity beyond the confines of the geographical, national, religious, and sectarian
In another context, S.G stressed that Iraq today presented the experience of a humanitarian mission
in building a democratic system, should be taught in context and historical circumstances away from
the fabrication and intolerance  in spite of bitter experience, of the highly cost and suffering, but it will
remain a significant experience in our contemporary history.
He added that what establish stability in Iraq, is the faith of all on the actual and historical realities,
and partnership is the larger truth that must be recognized and respected by all as well, noting that
Iraq's multi-ethnic, religions and creeds cannot accept any incomplete partnership and it must be a
full partnership of all, and this is as we believe the basic approach to achieve stability in Iraq.

Secretary – General Receives Message from Pope Benedict

Sayed Ammr Alhakim the S-G of Al-Hakim Foundation received on Tuesday, January 11, 2011, a
letter of thanks and appreciation from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. His Holiness the Pope
thanked Sayed Alhakim for the condolences that he submitted to His Holiness in the aftermath of the
terrorist crime that targeted the Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad, and incorporated his voice to
the voice of Sayed Alhakim in supplication to God to inspire everyone to work for the realization of
justice and tolerance founded on respect for human rights.

Secretary General Shares the Iraqi Christians Their Grieve

Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim, Secretary General of Al-Hakim Foundation, joined on 12/10/2010 the
memorial on the occasion of mourning the martyrs who lost their lives in the cowardly terrorist act
which targeted the Church of (Lady of Deliverance) in Baghdad on October 31, 2010.
His Eminence emphasized that his presence comes to deliver a clear message of solidarity and
lining up the people of Iraq with all religions and all nationalities and all their sects and orientations,
in order to keep Iraq united towards the challenges and dangers in the pursuit of criminals and
abusers of the Iraqi people.
His Eminence said: “we stand today the stand of solidarity and sympathy with our people and dear
ones of Christians in Iraq and renew the support for their survival and strength because they are an
essential part of this home.”
Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim was one of the first Iraqi national figures who participated in the funeral
ceremony of the innocent victims from the Iraqi Christians who lost their lives in the terrorist attack at
(Lady of Deliverance) Church.
His Eminence released the following statement of condemnation for this cowardly act:

In The Name Of God The Merciful, The Beneficent:

Criminal gangs committed on Sunday, October 31, 2010, an aggressive crime on one of the
churches of our fellow Christians, during their worship, and killed more than forty of them and
wounded dozens as they have been victimized by brutal gangs. What hurts the heart and the human
conscience is the killing of innocent people in Iraq, including our fellow Christians by these criminal
gangs, which have been the cause of the devastation and destruction in Iraq seven years ago. Also,
what hurts the heart is that those crimes are committed by organizations that falsely claim their
belonging to Islam and Islam is completely free of them. That Islam is a religion of tolerance and
coexistence, and rejects waste of lives and the killing of the souls unjustly and aggressively, and
what happened yesterday, is a heinous crime and is one of the clearest forms of injustice and
aggression. Our Christian Brothers have lived in Iraq for many centuries and were and still represent
an important part of the builders of this country, and participated in its family in good and bad times.
They had not been subjected to persecution, murder and displacement, except by the hands of
these barbarism gangs that do not have any sanctity of blood rights. We strongly condemn this
heinous crime, and draw the attention of the government and its security services to put their
priorities in protecting the lives of Iraqi citizens. We also extend our warm condolences to His
Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Delly, and all Christian brothers in Iraq, especially with the innocent
victims, asking Almighty Allah to grant the
mercy of the victims, their families and inspire patience and fortitude and bless the wounded a
speedy recovery.

Sayeed Ammar Al-Hakim

Personal background

•Born in 1971 in Iraq in the holy city of AL- Najaf.  
•He is the son of Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, the president of “supreme Iraqi Islamic Council” and the
leader of the “United Iraqi Alliance”, the largest parliamentary block in Iraq now.
•He left Iraq in 1979, accompanied by his father, who was sought and chased by the security organs
of Saddam’s regime because of his activities on defiance of Iraqi people.
• Saddam’s regime executed seven of his uncles and sixty two of his relatives because of their
support of the Iraqi people and defending their rights and claims of peaceful freedom.
•He is married and father of five children.


•He completed his academic study in privet schools in Tehran, where he resided after his
emigration from Iraq.
•He graduate from (Islamic Arabic University) at the city of Qom in Iran, where he took classes in
Islamic knowledge (Islamic Jurisprudence, philosophy, logic in addition to interpretation of holly
Quran). His instructors were the greatest religious clerks who were graduated from the “Huza” of Al-
Najaf in Iraq who were forced to migrate due to bloodies policies of Saddam Hussein’s regime.
•He taught the sciences of Arabic language, jurisprudence, logic, philosophy and science of Quran
at the same university for several years.


•He supervises the establishment and management of many organizations, Scientific and Cultural
Institution in the exile. The most important one was “House of Wisdom for Islamic science” from
which large number of students graduate in the field of Islamic knowledge.
•In 2003 he established “Al-Hakim Foundation”, with the direct supervision and care of his uncle
Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Al-Hakim.

Al-Hakim Foundation got the Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of
the United Nations. The headquarters of the Foundation in the holly city of Najaf in Iraq, which is
today the largest institution of civil society in Iraq, where there are more than 80 branch office in all
provinces of Iraq, and working in the filed of humanitarian assistance , development and human
rights, dialogue between religions.
The Foundation also oversees several schools, college and cultural and scientific centers, the
foundation holding numerous symposiums, conferences and social and cultural events, in addition
to publishing numbers of magazines and specialized publications.

•Ammar Al-Hakim has significant attendance on cultural, social and political fields on local, Arabic,
Islamic and international levels, where he was the special representative of his uncle Ayatollah
Sayyid Muhammed Baqir Al-Hakim who was represented in many political and religious gatherings
locally and globally.
•He characterizes by admissibility and wide popularity due to his faith in dialogue and acceptance of
others, refused to renounce violence and injustice.
•Participated in many international conferences (at the United Nations and others) in thought and
dialogue of civilizations and religions, sects and bring human rights, and he is an active member of
many gatherings and cultural organization and religious world: such as global pool of dialogue
between the Islamic sects, and global pool of (Ahlu Al-bait)
•Ammar Al-Hakim has very interesting presence in the Iraqi, Arabic and international media, there
were a lot of media interviews with him on issues of political, social and cultural rights, and the
media cover most of his meetings with ambassadors and official of Iraqi and foreigners.
•He is also a member of the Central Shura of supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (the highest political
authority in the Council) he is also the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council.
•As a result of his political and social activities and his presence in the building the new Iraq, he
have been subjected to 14  assassination attempt by slips former regime and terrorist
organizations, some of them were claimed responsibility by Al Qaeda terrorist organization in their

S.G. Remarks on International Day of Poverty Eradication

Secretary General of Al-Hakim Foundation addressed on the occasion of International Day for
Poverty Eradication that the world has a serious responsibility of providing food, where reports
indicate that the world's population will reach 9 billion by the year 2050.
Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim pointed: while FAO emphasizes that food is enough for all the world's
population, in the meantime the reports and statistics indicated the presence of 850 million hungry
and the declined of wheat stocks to their lowest level in the past twenty-six years.
Sayyed Ammar denounced the wasting of money out of place without putting the food as priority,
considering food the most important human right.
H.E. noted that the announced statics refer to $ 870 billion spent on arms and $ 400 billion spent on
drugs and $ 100 billion on alcoholic beverages in Europe alone.
In regard to the International Day of Poverty Eradication, Sayyed Ammar said that a quarter of Iraq's
population live below the poverty line according to the reports of the Iraqi Planning Ministry, stressing
that these ratios indicating the necessity of creating jobs opportunities and establishing a balance
between potential financial and the poverty situation of the Iraqi citizens, wishing that Iraq, one day
will live without  poverty.

New Initiative for Childhood Care and Development in Iraq

S-G Sayyed Amar Al-Hakim launched on September 29,2012  a new initiative for  “Childhood Care
and Development in Iraq”,  which includes the establishment of a Higher Council for Childhood in
Iraq as an independent body directs and manages the funds of childhood care and development ,
and deducts 1.5% of the annual national budget and deposits it in this fund.
Initiative for Children in Iraq

S-G launched the initiative during the second annual childhood Festival sponsored by Al-Hakim
Foundation in Al-Najaf
The initiative pointed that spending Fund should be directed to the following fields:
-Building of the infrastructure for the educational system starting from the kindergarten level.
-Establishment of the Higher Institute for the training of the education at the kindergarten level.
-Establishment of the national network of information for children to develop their skills
-Create an Iraqi civil society organization forum in the field of childhood
-Create Media Observatory for Human Iraqi children to protect and care for children.
-Establishment of centers for the treatment of children with cancer and for the care of patients with
autism and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.
-Launch the Children's loan project.

S-G noted that this initiative is not built on the basis of political or religious, but it is for all the Iraqi
S-G reminded that Iraq, in 1989, signed on the International Convention for the Rights of the Child,
and committed to protect the rights of the child, indicating that this agreement refers to four basic
rights for children. His Eminence emphasized that childhood is not a passing phase in human life,
but they are the core of the formation of the human personality, noting that this stage can produce
reconciliation for a human being with his humanity and knowledge about his role in the life. H-E
pointed out that Islam gave great attention to childhood.