Secretary General attends Christmas Mass In Baghdad

Secretary General, Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim, attended the Christmas
celebration hosted by Christian Brothers in the Church of (transmission of
the Virgin Mary) in the Mansour district of Baghdad, on the morning of
Saturday, 25/12/2010.

S.G was greeted by His Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Delly and the
Parliament member –Kanna. Christmas carols were read during the

Cardinal Daly expressed his pleasure for the participation of Sayyed Ammar
Al-Hakim.  He thanked him for his brotherly kind initiative, pointing out that
seeking to maintain the bonds of brotherhood and love among Iraqis is
always carried out by the men of the honest family of Al-Hakim. The
attendance in the mass expressed their gratitude and happiness for this
participation, which had confirmed meanings of brotherhood among Iraqis,
regardless of their religious or ideological background.
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