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The Al-Hakim Foundation is an international educational and welfare
non-profit organization.

The Foundation was established in July 2004 for promoting intellectual excellence, religious
dialogue and cultural understanding. It brings relief to the poor and those thus disposed, providing
access to education and promoting democracy and good governance within civil society.

The Foundation was registered with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Cooperation and other
governmental offices in Iraq in July 2004
The foundation working hard through it s role as civil society institute to achieve the mission that
include following objectives:

  1. Using wisdom and good guidance for educating people into the rule of law and human
  2. Promoting social and peaceful coexistence among religions, different schools of thought,
    ethnic groups and various cultures while rejecting factionalism. In addition, the Foundation
    encourages a spirit of tolerance, love, friendship and equality.
  3. Opposing extremism and radicalism.
  4. The Foundation is based upon moderation and encourages dialogue among revealed
    religions, religious schools and doctrines, and the mobilization of society against
    discrimination, chauvinism and factionalism;
  5. Reinforcing complementaries and encouraging coordination among international
    institutions that share similar activities in the promotion of education, humanitarian and
    intercultural activities, and enhancement of the role of civil society.  
  6. Helping youth by developing their cultural and educational capabilities; offering workshops
    and supporting university students by various means.
  7. Assistance projects aimed at the protection of the family and the education of orphans and
  8. Building sport and recreation facilities for the youth.
  9. In order for the Foundation to reach its goals, it will create strategy among different

1. Supporting cultural and other appropriate projects.
  • Opening facilities to foster boys’ and girls’ sports as well as their cultural and intellectual
  • Creating small artifacts economic projects for the empowerment of youth;
  • Creating unions where the educated elite and other social categories could meet.

2. Annual conferences:
  • Conferences to study the situation of women in Iraq and Iraqi communities abroad.
  • Annual international conferences to present studies and research, whose purpose is to
    discuss important human issues and new phenomena impacting upon the lives of all
    human beings.
  • Conferences aiming at fostering tolerance and dialogue among the different religions and
    schools of thought;
  • Conferences aiming at analyzing the means to be used to put an end to wars and violence
    among religious and ethnic groups;
  • Conferences aiming at tackling terrorism and the sources encouraging its existence.

3.  Participating in the activities of the Economic and Social Council.
The Human Rights Council  and committees of the General Assembly of the United Nations and
participation in all international conferences relevant to the intellectual, social, cultural, and
humanitarian aspects of the Foundation.

4. Mobilizing all society’s energies to undertake the following:
  • Collecting data about the scientific expertise of elites in the areas of culture, political
    administration, informatics and communication. A master project shall describe each area
    of expertise in a survey which will facilitate membership in the various categories  
  • Collecting data about women’s scientific and intellectual expertise in order to foster an
    educational and information project for women; and application of this expertise in women’s
    training and their rapid enrollment;
  • Contracting with quality experts in the educational field for increasing the provision of
    sessions and training in schools and universities.

5. Supporting (private or public) specialized universities, departments, and institutes.
Also, improving the curriculum, requirements, textbooks and teaching methods to secure a certain
cultural harmony in education.  

6. Programs and cultural publications:
The Foundation will provide its affiliated sessions, schools, and unions with specialized scientific,
cultural, and educational programs. It will also provide scientific and cultural publications to support
specialized cultural and social movements. Likewise, it will encourage various organizations and
agencies to contribute to the implementation of these programs. Finally, it will publish cultural,
scientific, and socially-relevant magazines and specialized newspapers.