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3- Almobeen Magazine: Seasonal magazine deal with publishing
researches and scientific studies

4- Dhifaf Magazine: Educational, artistic magazine release by department of education and artists

5- Maab Magazine: Educational magazine

6- Forat Magazine: Kids magazine specified for children education

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8- Hawaona Magazine: Specified for women affairs

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The New York Times Newspaper interviewed Deputy Secretary-General

Hassan Al-Hakim, Deputy Secretary- General of Al-Hakim Foundation said that Imam Mohsen Al-Hakim established major cultural
institutions all over Iraq for the dissemination of cultural issues and other scientific.
His Eminence stated that the atmosphere of openness, at the time of Imam Al-Hakim has allowed the deployment of these cultural
projects inside and outside Iraq, including Al-Hakim Library in Najaf with thousands of metropolitan cultural and scientific books.
This came through a dialogue conducted by the New York Times reporter with the Deputy secretary- General in the Headquarter of
the foundation in Al-Najaf.

He pointed out in a newspaper reporter's question about the activity of the institution during the past five years, His Eminence said,
"The concern of the Government to arrange the political situation has led to the neglect of cultural status, here the role of the
institution came to take over the functions of cultural as well as the provision of humanitarian assistance."
"The Foundation has provided 37 martyrs, and it did not cease its activities and it’s human and cultural, even in a period of violence
in the country."
Asked about the political role of the Foundation, he said there are no political activities for the institution but it is working on political
education, not political practice.
With regard of the results of recent elections, Deputy Secretary-General said: there are many lessons derived from these elections,
and we have meetings with our people in this way for discussion and to learn from these lessons.
The second Enhancement courses in media and press:

Deputy Secretary-general of Al-Hakim foundation Hassan Al-Hakim opened the second
enhancement courses in media and press on June 20th 2009.

The courses were attended by a number of instructors in the field of media and managers of the
central departments of the foundation, Hassan Al-Hakim delivered a welcoming speech for the And
he addresses in his speech the role of the Al-Hakim foundation of the wise race in a number of
specialized courses in many fields.
He said that these courses established by the Al-Hakim Foundation, and has been introduced by
many new approaches under the supervision of professionals and specialists in the media, which
can be used to keep pace with the real development of the media at the local level and
At the end he encourage the students to take a full advantage of these courses and the topics
raised by the professionals in the field of media and wished them all the success to serve the new
Al-Hakim Foundation maintained a seminar for journalists in

Under the slogan "truthful media play an important role in maintaining the nation's present and

Al-Hakim Foundation had set up a seminar to discuss the media situation in the holy city of
Karbala on Nov 12th 2009 through which host more than 40 journalists in the city in order to listen
to their complaints and aspires to the media in the city of Karbala.
The director of the Foundation in the city of Karbala, said, "this seminar for dialogue between
media professionals and hear their problems and exchange ideas and experiences.

At the end of the seminar there was a discussion about matters reached by the media, and the
methods of cooperation with the Foundation via holding a number of courses for media
professionals and facilitate the work of journalists in the province and through the provision of
facilities for them.
A number of certificates and symbolic gifts were preformed by the foundation to all attendees.
Iraqi President Visits Foundation's Main Headquarters in Al-Najaf Iraq

His excellence the Iraqi president Mrs. Jalal Talibani visits the main headquarter of
Al-Hakim Foundation in the city of Al-Najaf on 1-14-2011.

H.E was greeted by the director of cultural projects department, members of foundations, in
addition to religious figures and parliament’s members and also military and civic leaders of the

During the meeting discussed about the activities of the foundation and its role in serving the Iraqi
people and strengthening the role of civil society and also the needs of the city of Al-Najaf and the
best method for developing the city.