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Al-Hakim Foundation is affiliated to the economic and social
The following institutes affiliate to Al-Hakim Foundation:

1- Al Imam Ali schools: primary and elementary schools distributed in Al Najaf, students and 150

2-Alshaikh Altusi University

3-Foundation of Muslim Women in Iraq

4- School of Dar Alhikma for Islamic sciences, men and women divisions

5- Islamic Gathering for Iraqi students

6-Alraya Gathering

7- Shaheed Almehrab Educational centers

8-Documentary center for victims of massive graves

9-Alshaheed Mahdi Al-Hakim Institute for staffs and leaders training

10- World Children's Center

11-Al Imam Mohsen Al-Hakim Institute for women

12-Shaheed Almehrab Institute for women    

Also Affiliate to Al-Hakim Foundation:

(362) artists in various theatrical and visual arts  
(6267) of seminary staff and students
(2268) of female teachers and staff from different parts  of Iraq