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                                 Meeting with Imamia Medics
Al-Hakim Foundation and Imamia Medics International (IMI) had a very useful meeting in New York on June 5, 2009.
The meeting took place at Al-Hakim Foundation office in New York and it was represented by Dr. Jafar Jawad and Dr Mehdi
Abdullah from Al-Hakim Foundation, Respected Syed Hassan Muhsen Al Hakim from I.M.A.M the liaison organization of Ayatullah
Sistani and IMI was represented by Dr. Syed Wajih Rizvi, Advisor International Relations and Affairs, Mr. Syed Haider Naqvi,
Associate Co ordinator IMI Iraq Delegation, Attorney Sakina Rizvi, IMI's Associate Representative at UN and Mr. Muzammil Abbas,
IMI's IT Director. Dialogue focused on areas of mutual interest and IMI's upcoming trip to Iraq.
Participation in Imam Ali Conference

Al-Hakim Foundation participate in the conference that was held under theme
(Imam Ali: his place in Muslims thought and history) held on October 17th 2009 in Hartford Connecticut CT
This conference sponsored by Hartford seminary and many Islamic organizations
Al-Hakim Foundation was one of these organizations.

The conference took place in Sheraton Hotel in Hartford, CT from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The attendance was large and many people
were standing during the event.
The lectures given in the conference were diverse and interesting.
For more information about this conference please see the following link:
Participation in the 2009 FBO Forum

Al-Hakim Foundation participate in the 2009 Faith Based Organization Forum. Which held in Toronto, Canada on 26-27 October
2009. Dr. Ali Almossawy from Canada and Dr. Jafar Jawad from USA represented the Al-Hakim Foundation in this forum.
Dr. Jawad on his speech talked about the growing role of faith based organizations In building peace and stability and solving
many conflicts all over the world he gave an example about the role of Al-Hakim Foundation in establishing peace in Iraq
And encouraging the dialogue between the Iraqis which played important role In elimination the danger of sectarian war from Iraq.

Dr. Jafar jawad also urged that United Nation must give more role for FBOs and To support their works

For more information about FBO 2009 please visit:
Participation on the “9th Annual Conference of the Council of Shia Muslim Scholars”

Al-Hakim Foundation participated on “The 9th Annual Conference of the Council of Shia Muslim Scholars” which was held under the
theme of “Religion, Society & Politics: In light of the theory of integration while preserving the religious beliefs and noble traditions.”
The Conference was held in Atlanta, GA On 17-18 October, 2009 and it was attended by more than 40 members who were either
religious scholars, speakers, advisors, and preachers, those who have taken interest in religious matters as well as a number of
chairmen and directors of Islamic centers from the Unites States of America and provinces of Canada, from different ethnicities and
To research and discuss the parameters of citizenship and integration and the means and methods in which it can be activated in
the Islamic communities across North America.

In his speech during the conference, Dr. Jafar Jawad the Director of New York office of Al-Hakim Foundation focused on the
importance of the cooperation
and coordination between the Islamic centers and the civil society organizations and urgent need for the institutional work group and
coordination between all the Islamic organizations that work in the north of America in order to cover and meet the various
requirements for the Muslims community.

For more information about the conference and the final resolution please visit :
I.M.I. Organization Honored Al-Hakim Foundation

Al-Hakim Foundation received appreciated honors from I.M.I. organization which is an international professional institute with
special consultative statues with UN.
The honors came as appreciation for the efforts and cooperation provided by Al-Hakim Foundation to the delegation of IMI visited
Iraq on July 2009
Members of IMI expressed their thanks and appreciation through the statements during the panel discussion held as part of the
grand reception arranged by IMI on Oct.10th 2009 in New Jersey, also there was a praise preformed as symbolic recognition to Dr.
Jafar Jawad the Director of New York Office and representative of Al-Hakim Foundation at UN.
Dr. Jafar Jawad in his statement thanked IMI for their kind interest and caring about Iraqi people and explained about the health
situation and medical needs in Iraq.
He also described some medical projects that Al-Hakim Foundation running in Iraq
At the end of his speech Dr. Jawad expressed the willingness and readiness of Al-Hakim Foundation for all kinds of collaboration
and coordination with IMI organization or any other organization willing to perform help to Iraq.

For more information about IMI initiative please click here :
Conference of Shia Muslim scholars in North America

Foundation participated in the 11th annual conference of the council of Shia Muslim scholars in
North America which took palce at Detriot,Michigan on 17&18 September,2011 the conference
held to discuse the theme (Shia & contemporary challenges) and  attended by many muslim
scholars and social activest from USA & Canada.

Dr.Jafar Jawad foundation representative at UN adressed in his speach at the conference the
necessity of the collective work and cooperation for the shia muslim centers and civil society
institutes to acheived the shared goals , also he piotned out the importance of directing the
attention toward the young muslim generation at north America to help them to success and
extinguish with sustaining their tightness to their faith and hertiage.