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List of Iraqi Speakers

1) Sayyed Mohammed Hussain Saeed Al-Hakim
Islamic scholar and lecturer in the traditional theological institute in Najaf. Managing all the
activities of his father, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Said Al-Hakim, in Najaf and world-wide.

(2) Sayyed Amar Abdel Aziz Al-Hakim
Islamic scholar, academic and theologian, secretary-general of the Al-Hakim Foundation. Worked
for over fifteen years in education and humanitarian domains, lecturer in the traditional theological
institute, Najaf.

(3) Sayyed Mohammed Rida Al-Musawi Al-Ghurayfi
Islamic scholar and academic. Holds BA in law from University of Baghdad. Lecturer in the
traditional theological institute, Najaf. Was nominated for two years by Grand Ayatollah Sistani to be
in charge of the shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf. Was a member of the first transitional assembly in Iraq
(2004). He has published many books.

(4) Sheikh Khalid Al-Mullah
Chairman of Sunni Islamic Scholars Movement based in Basra (south of Iraq). Academic, lecturer
and imam of a mosque in Basra. His movement of scholars has many offices in Iraq.

(5) Dr. Abdel Razaq
Dean of El-Kufa University (central Iraq)

(6) Sheikh Majid Al-Hafid
Islamic Sunni scholar from Suleimaniya (Kurdistan, Iraq). Academic and imam of a mosque. He is
active in the reconciliation process in Iraq, attended conferences of World Conference on Religion
and Peace (WCRP).

(7) Sayyed Hassan Bahar Al-Alum
Islamic scholar and lecturer in the traditional theological institute, Najaf.  Has published many
books. Imam of a mosque in Najaf and head of the Imam Hassan Foundation. Has attended
conferences held by WCRP and other international conferences.

(8) Dr. Abdel Settar Al-Araji
Dean of El-Tusi University in Najaf; active in the human rights field in Iraq. Has published many

(9) Ms. Majidah Al-Khalidy
Activist woman in Iraq.   An academic who attended many scientific and other conferences in Iraq.
She is a member of a Women's Union. Director of the Women's Department of Al-Hakim

(10) Dr. Haider Karim
A medical doctor, represents WCRP in Iraq. He was member of organizing committee for WCRP in
various countries for interfaith and inter-sect dialogue