The Islamic Day of Anti Violence against Women

Al-Hakim Foundation sponsored many activates on the occasion of Islamic Day of Anti Violence against
Women which are held annually in Iraq and was adapted by the foundation in 2009.
The main activity was held in Baghdad on Nov. 22nd of this year and attended by many of Iraqi official
figures and social activists from all over Iraq.

Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim the secretary General in his speech  called for the investment of a positive
atmosphere for the new government to legislate the largest number of laws that develop and preserve the
rights of women.

He stressed the importance of conducting a statistical analysis of the current situation of women with a
focus on the inhumane violence that Iraq is currently facing and was urging civil society organizations that
focus on women’s affairs to take the initiative and lead the campaign and assist government agencies
that are suffering from obtrusive routine procedures that can hinder any projects whose goals is to inform
the society of the true facts of the current situation of women.

His eminence also stated the importance of understanding the magnitude of the disaster that many do
not have the courage to speak out against that have left a large number of Iraqi women devastated and in
incredible situations. From those whom have been oppressed and abused and those whom have been
made a widow to those who face poverty and medical negligence.

He also assured that the issues that women face are the most important issues to tackle for we believe
that building a righteous society starts with building educated women. Also assuring that building a strong
society starts with establishing social justice, and this will not occur until justice is brought to women for
they make up half of the society.

The SG also assured in the ability of women to develop the society and to focus on freeing women from
fear, poverty and ignorance, because the security of communities begins with the inner security of women.
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