National Initiative Released by Secretary General
       Secretary –General Sayyed Amar Al-Hakim released an initiative to end the conflict in the western
parts of Iraq and to establish the national reconciliation in the country.
This initiative was welcomed by most of political, social and influential activities in Iraq.
The “Our Steadfast Anbar” initiative includes:

1. Enact a special reconstruction project for Anbar province of 4 billion dollars for 4 years’ time span, with
an average of a billion dollars annually for the purpose of government  construction, its villages, districts,
sub districts, and infrastructure and that the amount to be added to the government annual federal

2. Allocate a special budget for noble-origin tribes support that are fighting terrorism in all its titles to
enable them steadfast before this black march and to promote tribes material, social potentials and to
compensate tribes martyrs and wounded sons.

3. Establish self-defense forces composed of noble-origin Anbar tribes tasked to ensure international
boarders and strategic roads in the government and merge them within Iraqi Army units provided that
they are restricted to Anbar government and under the leadership of its sons of military leaders.

4. Call to form an Anbar Dignitary Council representing tribal forces in the government and granting the
council an official title to have it assist setting a government functional strategy away from political and
regional influences. The steps followed in treating the government reality should be well considered,
clear for all and derived from the experience and knowledge of Anbar own Sheikhs and people.

5. Reserve the moral and social development for the steadfast Anbar tribes that fought and still fight
terrorism and that represent the government social and tribal depth and to encourage its noble-origin
sons to be up to the responsibility level in reserving their government from the filth of terrorism and
starting a construction and building campaign.

6. Call to meet Supreme Iraqi leaderships to consult and consider the sensitive developments
witnessed by the country in general and by the Anbar government in particular and to agree on a final
draft and a comprehensive solution. President Talabani, may God speed his recovery, used to hold such
meetings during crises for the sake of finding suitable national solutions and to mobilize national
support for these solutions.

7. Provide full material and moral support for our courageous armed forces in all its forms and to the
security forces in their fierce war on terrorism.

8. Issue special instructions by the Coucils of Ministers and respectable Commander in Chief of the
security forces to compensate our sons of army, police and tribes members that are taking part with
security forces in the military operations against terrorism in the government as soon as possible away
from admin complications to serve as a moral motivation for our sons to realize that we are siding by
them in body and soul and that their sacrifices and efforts are appreciated by our people.

9. Finish efforts that are exerted by the Iraqi government in meeting the demands of the Anbar noble-
origin sons and sons of other governments within constitutional and legal context and to provide urgent
human care for the displaced or confined families as a result of the military operations.

10. Based on our vision in handling of the terrorist file within a comprehensive regional and international
vision, we call upon the esteemed Iraqi government to call on international forces handling the terrorist
file to provide weaponry and intelligence support to Iraq in this confrontation and we call the Iraqi
government to call on the intelligence, information, technical and logistic support of the axes Islamic and
western countries in the region in confrontation and limitation of terrorism.
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