Secretary General's Statement on the Occasion of Interfaith Harmony Week
His Eminence Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim on the first week of February in Baghdad spoke on the occasion of
interfaith harmony week stressing that this is the week of universal harmony between religions,
highlighting the importance of communication and harmony among adherents of different religions in a
world full of hatred and extremism

He noted that the world today faces a real challenge from the leaders of extremist and deviant ideas and it
is a fact that there is a well established link between deviation and extremism, and as long as deviation
lives, extremism will continue to be produced. Also stating that the considered basis applies to all
religions, without any exceptions for there is no divine religion or doctrine that calls for hatred or

His Eminence stressed that everyone bare on the their shoulders the responsibility to empower the
moderate majority in the world to stand against the destructive ideas of extremism.
Calling to stand up forcefully and decisively in the face of all forces of extremism , he added that the
dissemination of a culture of tolerance is the most powerful weapon to face extremism with whilst
spreading values of love and harmony between communities.
In this week, the United Nations is encouraging all to exchange visits in places of worship and
communicate with each other on humanitarian grounds without barriers, religious or sectarian, referring
to the depth of the social vision of the faithful Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) when he says ( ( To one,
others are of two forms, either your brother in religion, or your peer you in creation ) ) , indicating that this
is the true image of Islam.

He pointed out that Iraq represents one of the largest religious centers in the world, from whom journeyed
prophets and reformers to spread their message and teachings, from where the burning fire became
cool and tolerable for Abraham, from where the martyrdom of Imam Hussein occurred for his order to
spread the spirit of tolerance itself  and here will be the settlement of the awaited Imam. He stated that
today's requirement is to become the first role models in the planting the harmony between religions,
while explaining that some may claim they belong to Islam but have became groups of rivals and
deviation that have allowed murder to become a habit. His Eminence stressed that everyone spread the
values of harmony and tolerance of religions among their families and society first while then practicing
the unifying act of simple visits between mosques, churches and temples, considering these visits to be
the seed for planting the spirit of spreading the culture of tolerance and harmony among all religions.
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