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Helping 2000 families in south of Iraq during the month of Ramadan

Within the framework of humanitarian and charity work of the Department of Humanitarian Relief in Al-Hakim Foundation and as
part of the continuing quest to ease the pain and suffering of the poor families, widows, orphans and children of martyrs, the
Department of Humanitarian Relief in Dhi Qar province during the holly month of Ramadan, 2009 distributed various kinds of aid for
more than (2000) of needy families throughout the province.

This initiative which is part of the monthly programs undertaken by the Foundation included the Districts of Aljbaesh and Alfihood
and Albatihaa in the province.
Relief poor families:
The foundation provide assistance through its relief programs to (1391) poor and needy families
The Foundation provides grants and financial assistance in addition to the medical assistance to
these families.

Food Assistance:
The foundation distributed food assistance to (3972) family

Relief victims of sectarian displacement:
Al-Hakim foundation support 52,638 families victims of sectarian displacement
The assistance includes financial assistance and distributing essential needs like blankets, food,
tints, etc...

Eid Gifts
Al-Hakim foundation distributed clothes and school bags to the (1750) orphan children on Holiday
of Al-Eid

Collective feasts:
It designed to provide feast in the month of Ramadan to the families' victims of sectarian
displacement to contribution in the alleviation of their Suffering and sympathy in their plight.
Collective feasts has been established by the foundation for (500) family and (750) orphans

The Department of Humanitarian Assistance of Al-Hakim foundation arranged field trips for orphans in all Iraqi provinces.
These field trips included visits to the Holy Places, recreations and parks.
Also during these trips gifts were handed out for orphans.
For the first three months of 2009 the number of orphans benefited from this program was 250 orphans from different parts of Iraq.