Distribution of winter clothes and gifts for orphans:

Department of Humanitarian Assistance of Al-Hakim foundation –as part of its programs in sponsoring orphans- distributed winter
clothes and gifts in many parts of Iraq in winter season of 2009.
This program covers different parts of Iraq and as following:
1- In Province of Dayala , Almoqdadia districts 1000 orphans benefited from this program .In the same program 500 water tanks
were distributed to needy families.
2-In Babil province,Almussiab Districts gifts and winter clothes were distributed to 1700 orphans.
3-In Karbala province 1250 orphans received gifts and winter clothes.
4-In Alnassyria province 7002 orphans benefited from these programs.
5- in Basra 11800 orphans received gifts through this program.
6- Dayala province, Districts of Mandily and Qazania, 7000 orphans received their gifts and clothes.
7- In Alrefaee District 2000 orphans benefited from this program.  
Marriage ceremony sponsor by Al-Hakim Foundation for one thousand couples

Al-Hakim Foundation sponsored the annual national initiative marriage of more than a thousand young men and women from
martyrs family. The ceremony was attended by Secretary-General Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim, political, popular figures in addition to
the families of martyrs.
This marriage ceremony held on the anniversary of the birth of Imam Ali (puh) on July 7th 2009
The new couples expressed their  joy and gratitude for this National and Islamic initiative, which set up by Al-Hakim Foundation and
they called the institutions of government to work to expand this humanitarian initiative.

Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim in his speech to attendees at the ceremony congratulated the new couples (bride and grooms) he also
contended that these collective wedding ceremony giving a clear message to the depth of the co-existence between all the
components of the Iraqi people.
He pointed to the importance of marriage in the building of community through the establishment of the fact that marriages supply
the community with the great people if the best choice and education have been made.
Distributing gifts for orphans

In the presence of Mr. Hassan Al-Hakim, the deputy Secretary General Al-Hakim Foundation has distributed gifts to more than 100
orphans in Al-Najaf city in Iraq.
The families of orphans thanked the Foundation for this enterprise and initiative, efforts and attention to this humanitarian side.
Foundation called for initiative to help Iraqi children

Al-Hakim Foundation is sponsoring an initiative aiming to help children in Iraq who are suffering
from Asthma Disease.
The dusty weather in Iraq is permanent, recently due to many factors as a climate changes and
Thousands of Iraqi children lost their lives this year and last years when they get asthmatic attacks
and they did not have access to treatment.

Al-Hakim Foundation with cooperation and collaboration of Imamia Medics International IMI
organization released an in initiative aiming to collect at least 1000 Nebulizers machines and to
distribute them in villages and districts of Iraq to those kids who are suffering from asthma an
attempt to save lives of children by providing necessary treatment to them when they have the
asthmatic attacks which getting to be more frequent in Iraq because of the dusty weather over there.
We are calling for all humanitarian organizations and individuals who would like to help to join us in
these humanitarian initiative.         

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