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The representative of Al-Hakim foundation at Geneva Dr. Amir Hashem attend the following

I- UN Human Rights Issues

07-01-2008 to 15-01-2008
High Level Task Force of the Working Group on the Right to Development
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

14-01-2008 to 01-02-2008
Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women / 40th

04-02-2008 to 08-04-2008
Open-ended Working Group on an optional protocol to the ICESCR / 5th
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

10-03-2008 to 14-03-2008
Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances / 84th
Palais Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

07-04-2008 to 18-04-2008
Universal Periodic Review / 1st
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

05-05-2008 to 16-05-2008
Universal Periodic Review / 2nd
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

02-06-2008 to 13-06-2008
Human Rights Council / 8th
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

28-07-2008 to 15-08-2008
Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination / 73rd
Palais Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

04-08-2008 to 15-08-2008
Human Rights Council Advisory Committee / 1st
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

05-09-2008 to 05-09-2008
Intercessional open-ended intergovernmental working group to follow up the work of the Preparatory Committee for the Durban
Review Conference / 2nd
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

03-11-2008 to 21-11-2008
Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights / 41st
Palais Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

Commemorative session to mark the 60th anniversary of the UDHR /
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

15-12-2008 to 19-12-2008
Ad Hoc Committee on the elaboration of complementary standards /
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

15-12-2008 to 16-12-2008
Forum on Minority Issues /
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

18-12-2008 to 18-12-2008
Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) for the effective implementation of the Durban Declaration Plan of Action /
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Participation on 10th session of human rights council in Geneva on March,2009

Interfaith International Organization
Racines Sources Organization
Al-Hakim Foundation

Intercultural and interreligious forum
Durban review conference at a crossroads
Cultural of peace by the dialogue of civilizations, the religious against racism, discriminations and intolerance
Friday, march 20 2009


Open remarks by Dr. Charles Gravis, secretary general interfaith international
H.E Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi, Permanent Of the Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva
S.E.M Abazel Sabarpek, chrge in affairs, permanent mission Kazakhstan to the united nations in Geneva
S.E.M .Babacar Ba, ambassador, permanent observer, organization Islamic conference to the united nations, Geneva
Prof. krishna ahoojapatel, WILPF, representative at the united nations, Geneva
M. Marc Raphael Guedj, grand rabbin de Geneva, President Racines and sources foundation
Mme isthar Dr. adler, united nations representative, public relations, Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation
Mr. Trevor Davies, Vice-president of CONGO committee on spirituality, values and global concerns
Moderator: Mr. Ricardo Espinosa, liason officer, non governmental organizations office of director general, united nations, Geneva
This meeting was sponsored by interfaith international, racines sources, and Al-hakim foundation
The speakers spoke about the importance of rejection the discrimination and racism    
And those all religions reject this discrimination, and call on love, inter locution, and peace between individuals and people.

Many delegations from member states as well as NGO’s from different parts of the world attendant this meeting which took place at
the United Nations as parallel events on the tenth cession of the human right counsel in Geneva on march 2009.
There were discussions about discrimination and racism and how the world religions play an important role in eradication of such
phenomena and they all call towards inter locution cultural dialogue and religious tolerance.

Dr. Bayan AlAraji an advisor of Al-Hakim foundation talked about the recent activities of the foundation in New York during CSW 53rd
and about the objectives of the foundation which sponsored the cultural dialogue and work for spreading tolerance, love, and peace
between all Iraqis and also all people outside Iraq.

Dr. Sahib Al-Hakim talked about the tolerance and love of peace in Islam and especially in shia sect and explained how are the
principles of Islam call for the love of all people and that all Muslims are against terrorism and racism.
Participation in Durban Review Conference 2009 Geneva, April 20-24

Al-Hakim foundation participated in Durban 2 Conference which took place in Geneva on April, 20-24th
For more information about Durban 2 conference please go to:

Delegation of the foundation for this conference consisted of:

Dr.Amir Hashom: Permanent representative of the foundation in Geneva.

Mr. Ahmad Al-Imarah from Iraq

Al-Hakim foundation participated in most of the events of this conference and also sponsored a panel discussion took place in the
Headquarter of UN. During this conference.

Al-Hakim Foundation delegation participated in the march against racism, discrimination, organized by left-wing organizations in
Switzerland and in cooperation with the Preparatory Committee for the Durban II on Saturday, day April 18 2009.

Foundation also participated at the conference by the intervention by Ms. Nadhal Al Sudani

Panel Discussion:
       Human Right, Discrimination and Islmophobia

This event which sponsored by Al-Hakim foundation and Interfaith International took place on April, 21st during Durban 2 conference

1-      Mr. Biro Diawara: Representative of RADDHO: Welcome, introduction
2-      Dr. Charles GRAVES: Secretary General, Interfaith International:
History of FICIR (Forum Intercultural & Interreligious)
3-      Dr. Umur ORHUN, Special adviser, Secretary General OIC
4-      Mr. Karl Grünberg: Secretary General, ACOR-SOS Racism, Switzerland.
5-      Mr. Ahmed Al-Imarah, Consultant, Al-Hakim Foundation:
Human Rights and Discrimination in Iraq.
6-      Ms. Deirdre Mc'Onnell, Foreign relations, Tamil Centre for Human Rights:
Discrimination in the Sri Lanka Conflict.
7-      Mr. Massoud Shadjared, Chair of Islamic Human Rights Commission, London, U.K.
8-      Dr. Abdul Amir HASHOM: Main Representative of Al-Hakim Foundation to ONUG:
Report on Islamophobia of the Civil Society Forum, Geneva 2009.
9-      Pr. Doudou Diene: Previous Especial Reporter on Contemporary Forms of Racism.

Statement of Al-Hakim foundation:

Mr. Ahmed Al-Immarah from Iraq spoke in this panel on behalf of Al-Hakim foundation:
Intervention, Mr. Ahmed AL-Imarah , the representative of the AL-Hakim  foundation in Iraq

Mr. President, distinguished         
Good afternoon and thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about the phenomenon of racial discrimination, xenophobia, and
in light of the new situation in Iraq, political change and democratization that followed the war in 2003, the phenomenon of racial
discrimination in the level of Iraq seems a tragic and unfortunate, as the attacks against and killings of many scientific and social
personalities and clerics from different religions because of the intellectual affiliations and ideologies, whether linked to ideologies
that religions or different nationalities living in Iraq, and increased advertising and rumors planted hatred and enmity in the hearts of
ordinary people of various foreign peoples, and striking, though, that behind it is not only terrorists and extremists, but the remnants
of the Baath Party loyalists of the former dictatorial regime known as the famous crimes, despite efforts by the Government in
reducing this phenomenon is still serious problem that need to be addressed  .

And about our work, the systematic and continuous administration of various programs and festivals, conferences and courses to
cultural and intellectual control of that phenomenon and a culture of tolerance and respect for minorities and ethnic groups and
communities, the Foundation with the cooperation and participation of various nationalities from all over the world, provides various
forms of support to all international organizations working in the fields of culture, humanity and service, this institution is one of the
components of Iraqi society in times of crises and difficult circumstances has provided significant humanitarian support to the
Christians and Muslims, Arabs and Kurds and all minorities, without discrimination and is working hard to bring the views and
support mechanisms for cooperation among all components of Iraqi society.

And to offer to you the summary of this picture, we call upon the international community and the Iraqi government to do justice to the
victims of racial discrimination in Iraq, and to compensate the families of the victims and to protect them from displacement and
loss, and develop programs to reduce this phenomenon and to stand firmly against the promoters with a view to eliminate them
once and save the Iraqi society.. ..         

Thank you, Mr. President         
Al-Hakim Foundation         
Geneva: Al-Hakim Foundation participates in the International
Conference of the economic crisis

Al-Hakim Foundation representative in the United Nations in Geneva participated at the International
Conference on the current global economic crisis. Which was called for it by the United Nations
Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and it was held at the Palais of the United
Nations in Geneva in May 18,19, 2009.
Participants discussed topics related to the current crisis and to propose solutions, and
participated in the Conference of Member States, international organizations and non-governmental
organizations, employers and companies across continents, the conference focused on the global
economic crisis and its causes as well as assess the current responses to the crisis at the
international, regional and national levels, has also been put forward proposals during the
conference to overcome the crisis.

For his part, representative of Al-Hakim Foundation in Geneva Dr. Amir Hashom discussed the
economic implication of the situation in Iraq in general and to encourage private investment in Iraq.
He called for concerted efforts by all to reach a good understanding of the economic crisis and the
protection of different players and mitigating the effects on developing countries and poor.
Geneva Office Activities During the 19th Session of Human Rights

1- The office of Al-Hakim foundation in Geneva and the international organizations, organized
a workshop at the Palais des Nations in Geneva and parallel to the nineteenth session of the
Human Rights Council, the workshop entitled
"Iraq today: the role of clergy in the support and
promotion of human rights, peace and security."

2- The Foundation’s office in Geneva set up a workshop entitled, "The future of the democratic
process in Iraq: challenges and aspirations."
The participants were welcomed in the Permanent Mission of the Vatican to the United Nations and
the Iraqi Council of Churches, and met with ambassadors and many diplomatic figures  from
European, Islamic and Arab countries.

3- Al-Hakim Foundation office in Geneva set up at the United Nations Headquarter in Geneva and
in cooperation with other organizations, a workshop on 8/2/2012, as a parallel event with the
nineteenth session of the Human Rights Council .
The title of the panel was:
"Impunity and crimes against humanity"
The foundation's representative spoke about  the crimes of the former regime in Iraq, especially the
mass graves and the crimes of Anfal and Halabja, and addressed to the recommendations of the
Second Conference of the mass graves, which took place in the holy city of Najaf in 2009, and the
call to the international community for characterization of these crimes as (crimes against