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Second International Exhibition of Book

Al-Mustafa second International Exhibition of book open on June 1st 2009 the exhibition sponsored by Al-Hakim Foundation, in
cooperation with the Basra Provincial Council and the University of Basra and the participation of more than 150 Arabic and foreign
publishing companies.
The opening was attended by a representative of His Eminence Ammar Al-Hakim Secretary – General of the Foundation and Deputy
Secretary- General Sayyed Hassan Al-Hakim and many of the academics, interests and officials.
Also it was attended by the  representatives of the Christian community, as well as the Sunni scholars in Basra.
Al-Hakim Foundation sent invitations to various publishing companies in the world to participate in this exhibition.
The exhibition included the participation of more than 150 publishing companies from Arab and foreign countries, like Lebanon,
Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, in addition to the publishing houses of Iran, India, Germany and Britain and  the Iraqi publishing
companies. The exhibition included thousands of books from all fields of sciences, art, cultural, and religious books for Muslims
and christens.  
Al-Mustafa International Exhibition of Book continued for 11 days from June 1st – June 11th  
The second Enhancement courses in media and press:

Deputy Secretary-general of Al-Hakim foundation Hassan Al-Hakim opened the second enhancement courses in media and press
on June 20th 2009.

The courses were attended by a number of instructors in the field of media and managers of the central departments of the
foundation, Hassan Al-Hakim delivered a welcoming speech for the students and he was pleasured to meet them.
And he addresses in his speech the role of the Al-Hakim foundation of the wise race in a number of specialized courses in many
He said that these courses established by the Al-Hakim Foundation, and has been introduced by many new approaches under the
supervision of professionals and specialists in the media, which can be used to keep pace with the real development of the media
at the local level and internationally.
At the end he encourage the students to take a full advantage of these courses and the topics raised by the professionals in the
field of media and wished them all the success to serve the new Iraq.
Al-Hakim Foundation organized courses in Arabic Calligraphy

The office of Al-Hakim Foundation in the governorate of Babil organized a courses in the Arabic Calligraphy in collaboration with
Professor Jafar Sahib - teacher of the  Arabic Calligraphy in the district of Hindia – and the calligrapher Amer Al-Shaibani.
The session was attended by more than twenty students from different educational levels of students at universities and secondary
students of religious sciences and the session lasted two consecutive weeks.
The course included theoretical and practical lessons in the art of Arabic calligraphy developed the skills of the participants showed
their interaction in this session, which was very successful.
There were requests to repeat this program and the inclusion of larger number of participants.
Participants expressed their thanks and gratitude to Al-Hakim Foundation for organizing these kinds of programs of quality and
excellence in community service.
At the end of the session there was a ceremony in which certificates and gifts were distributed for participants.
Fifth Annual National Conference of the Literature and Art

Under the banner of: “ literature and art are the idiom of the nation and the voice of their conscience”  
Al-Hakim Foundation sponsored the fifth annual national conference of the literature and art on July
20, 2009
Many writers and artists expressed a lot of praise for this generous initiative and they called for all
other civil society organizations to do similar initiatives and to support the artists and art and literary
movement in the country.

The conference continued for two days, and there were many researches about the art and literature
on the status of literature and art in the country preformed by competent professors.
The conference witnessed a number of cultural and literary events that are accepted by the
combination of so many people who attended the conference, which filled the seats in the National
Theater Hall .

His Eminence, Ammar Al-Hakim  Secretary –General said in his speech during the conference (its
very important to concern about writers and artists and cultural movement in the country, is true that
the political situation and the security side took a lot of human and financial resources, but we must
pay attention to the issue of selection of priorities and should all know that the elimination of the
security dilemma comes through art and culture, as people will not listen to the voice of the gun and
political, but to hear the poem, art and literature.
It is believed that the Saddam's offense to humans through the killing and displacement of millions
of our people  during the period of his rule, it is wrong to misrepresented to the human person and
the work itself and to distort the principles and values and here comes the role of art and artists as
the art is the sense of a pattern of humanitarian reflects the public taste and here comes the artist
and writer to work on the deployment of a new culture based on the supreme human values.

The Director of National Theater Artist (Shafeeq Mehdi ) thanked Al-Hakim Foundation for this
initiative and said in his speech during the conference:
It was important to see that a religious institution to take care of the responsibility of the writers and
artists and it should be taken away from all political parties because the culture in need of such
support ,the ongoing political differences not be resolved without a community's cultural and literary
artists, and this will only be possible through the support of this segment, materially and morally and
to create conditions for the start of its work without any obstacles and disturbances.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Taher al-Musawi, in his speech thanked the Foundation
for this initiative and said:
We look forward to a new culture which not sponsored by the State only, but all politicians and
citizens and civil society institutions as a common responsibility should be promoted to achieve
good and effective results.

The Secretary-General of Al-Hakim Foundation at the end of the ceremony distributes awards to a
number of artists and literary artists who are creative and unique.
At the same time and within the events of the conference, deputy Secretary General of the foundation
opened an exhibition of paintings.