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Arts and Literature Department Held Al-Taff Festival
The Arts and Literature Department at Al- Hakim Foundation organized the Sixth National Al-Taff
Festival and Poetic Contest under theme:

(( The Huseiny literature is a source for inspiration at the world art and humanity)).
At a so honest and spiritual atmosphere between the two sacred shrines in Kerbalaa'.
Then the poets expressed their utmost devotion to Imam Al-Husein at the presence of referees
and poets from different parts in Iraq.

grief and concluded with tears of devotion to Imam Al-Husein and to the Immortal Legend of Al-Taff.
The participants expressed that  history knew the "NO" scream of Imam Al-Husein as an echo that
penetrates the ears of tyrants, conquer their thrones, and lessons those learnt the nobles that the
road of truth needs lots of sacrifice. Al-Husein hand is still writing at the horizons the poem of
redemption so as to be chanted by the voices of children and women and by the sounds of crying.
It walks along with immortality and pride and it draws the road of freedom to humanity
In the end, the director of Arts and Literature Department at Al- Hakim Foundation, Sheikh Ayad
Al-Ebrahemy awarded the poets, the participants, and the referees.
scientific institutes and institutes of religious sciences and researchers.
Al-Hakim foundation provided more than 36 public libraries by educational books

Supervising the cultural and educational centers:
The total number of educational and cultural centers run by the foundation are (1762) centers
The number of Imams associated with the Foundation are (133) imams
And the number of staff are (1322) covering most of the cities and provinces of Iraq

Educational courses
Educational and cultural courses have been established by Al-Hakim foundation during summer breaks for male and female
students of all stages
The total of these courses (9488) session
The number of Professors of men and women are (121,167)
The number of students from boys and girls are (548,672) students.

Specialized courses for the development and rehabilitation of the teaching staff
The total number (67) courses
In which (400) school teacher participate in

Reconstruction and building projects of cultural, and centers:
The total number of them performed (521) throughout Iraq.

Scientific and cultural activities:
Al-Hakim foundation held (127930) scientific, educational and cultural sessions
(300) competitions
(70740) cultural evenings
(7190) forums
(7453) seminars
All over provinces of Iraq

Artistic and literary activity:
Al-Hakim foundation held
(400) national poetry festival
(400) Evening of poetry and art.
(30) Art exhibition.
(230)Television interviews and discussions in various Islamic subjects.
(25)National Conference.
Some were thinking, literature and art, as its submission of scientific research and literary and artistic. As well as art exhibitions and
poetry evenings, the number of attendees exceeded the 3000 participants from writers, poets, artists, critics and the minstrels.
The Foundation also preformed (20) play shows and (41) recording songs.
The Foundation runs (14) schools called Al Imam Ali School for primary and Elementary Teaching
Also Al-Hakim Foundation runs Ash-sheikh at Tousi University for humanitarian and   cultural studies. The university is licensed
from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq.