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Al-Hakim foundation attended Doha Follow-up International
Conference on Financing for Development:

Delegation from Al-Hakim foundation chaired by Deputy Secretary General Sayed Hassan Al-Hakim
participated in the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development,
held in Doha from November 29 to 2 December 2008 from the auspices of the United Nations on
the review of the Monterrey Consensus,
which organized by the United Nations in 2002, which means the promotion of partnership and
development programs to combat poverty in the world.

The institution's participation in this conference as part of its international activities as
non-governmental institutions in the work and development programs, and culture sponsored by
the United Nations.
On the sidelines of the conference Deputy Secretary General of Al-Hakim foundation held many
meetings with figures from the participating institutions, including H.E.Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the UN.
More than 160 countries and hundreds of civil society organizations from around the world
participated in this conference.