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Active role for Al-Hakim Foundation on Iraqi local election

Activity is sustained by all branches of Al-Hakim foundation to urge citizens to exercise their right in local elections in January 31st

The members of the institution in its eighty branches intensive activity to raise awareness among citizens and the electoral invited to
the exercise of the right to choose the qualified persons.
According to Mr. Hassan Hakim, deputy secretary-general of the foundation the institution has played an effective role in
encouraging people to participate in the election and seeking to persuade citizens to participate their right to make their own future
by voting for those who deserve in local elections.

The deputy secretary-general of Al-Hakim foundation denounced the negative role played by some agencies on the voter inhibition
and illegal process of buying votes, stressing adherence to the religious authority in urging citizens to elect the best who are
capable of assuming responsibility.

Al-Hakim Foundation play very important role on education and awareness of the citizen in all the events experienced by the country
have been imposed by the political conditions in Iraq and issues of concern the government of ignoring the cause or not put on
some aspects of the particular culture.

From here the role of the institution in the process of building democratic awareness and cultural construction after years of
marginalization participated against both the cultural and intellectual culture.
Al-Hakim Foundation held a forum on upcoming election

On September 17,2009 Al-Hakim Foundation in cooperation with (Orr Cultural Forum) held in Dhi Qar province in (south Iraq) a
symposium on the elections at the Hall of Al-Mehrab martyr and it was attended by government officials and a number of professors
at the University of Dhi Qar, religious and political figures and members of province council.  

Seminar started by moderator Dr. Hanoune Abdul Hassan, a professor in the University of Dhi Qar Emphasis was placed on the
importance of contributing to building the political process in Iraq and efforts have been made for the unity of the Iraqi people and
the political components.

Sheikh Jassim Sahlani Director of Al-Hakim Foundation office in Dhi Qar, spoke about the importance of the upcoming election and
the intensive plots to overthrow the political process by some neighboring countries, monitoring  amounts of money that an
estimated one billion dollars to influence the upcoming elections.
He pointed to the need to prepare for fraud attempts and systematic destruction of some people as well as encouraging the
differences and the miscarriage of public information for some Iraqi national forces
Mr. Karim Jabri -member of the Dhi Qar province council- spoke about the role of religious leaders in support of the ongoing political
and democratic process in Iraq.
Educational seminar about the elections in Diwaniya

The office of an Al-Hakim in Diwaniya held an educational seminar under the title (participation in
the parliamentary elections is a bright future for all Iraqis)

The symposium discussed the upcoming Iraqi election and its importance and their impact on the
future of Iraq and the political map as well as factors that help in education for the elections to all
segments of society without exception

Symposium focused on the mechanisms by which begin the educational process of the election
campaign and the different programs each program from one area to another depending on the
circumstances of the region.
During the seminar many interventions from the audience answered by the panelist who tried to
evaluate the electoral process and campaign to push the process forward successfully.