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Participation in DIHAD 2009 Conference:

Al-Hakim foundation participated in Dubai International Conference for Relieve and Development
(DIHAD) which took place on 7-9 April, 2009
The delegation of the foundation consists of:

1-        Sayyed Hassan Alhakim Deputy Secretary-General
2-        Mr. Ahmad Namaa
3-        MS. Lina Sami
4-        Sister Um Ridha

During the events of the foundation the delegation of Al-Hakim foundation actively participated and
attended most of the seminars and workshops as well as the side events took place during this

Al-Hakim foundation delegation also, held many important meetings with representatives of various
International organizations where the future cooperation and collaboration between these
organizations and Al-Hakim foundation have been discussed.

These meetings included:

1-        Meeting with H.E. Ambassador Atta Almanan Bakheet Deputy Secretary –General of Islamic
Conference Orgnization.
2-        Mr. Mohamed Obeaid Bin Ghanem from (Mohamed Bin Rashed AlMaktoom Humanitarian
3-        Mr. Abdul Rahman Gandoor :Director of Regional Media Center of UNICEF.
4-        Mr. Jared Lawyer from IPOA
5-        Meeting with representative from Red Cross Organization.

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