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The Foundation is based upon moderation and encourages dialogue among revealed religions, religious
schools and doctrines, and the mobilization of society against discrimination, chauvinism and factionalism and
reinforcing complementaries and encouraging coordination among international institutions that share similar
activities in the promotion of education, humanitarian and intercultural activities, and enhancement of the role of
civil society.

Al-Hakim foundation held many conferences and meetings inside and outside Iraq to encourage partnership
between Iraqis and eradication the sectarian violence and bringing peace to Iraq. One of the important
conferences was hold in New York on June 2007 under theme (Iraq for all Iraqis)Amid deepening challenges in
Iraq, Al-Hakim foundation, Religions for Peace, and New York University Center for Dialogues: Islamic
World-U.S. West brought together the senior Iraqi religious and other civil society leaders at the United Nations
on June 2007  to help forge global partnerships to rebuild Iraqi national consensus and more than eighty
participants gathered at the United Nations for the dialogue, including Iraqi. Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebar and
Ambassadors Dr. Hamid al-Bayati and Feisal al-Istrabadi, respectively Iraq's Permanent and Deputy Permanent
Representatives to the United Nations. They all gathered at the United Nations to help forge global partnerships
to rebuild Iraqi national consensus. The two-day Iraq for all Iraqis conference, which concluded on June 12,
aimed to advance dialogue and cooperation among the feuding social and religious factions in the country.
Another goal was to rebuild bridges and advance cooperation between these Iraqi leaders and United Nations'
institutions, U.S. nongovernmental organizations, and scholars.

Prominent Sunni and Shi'ite religious leaders and scholars gathered in New York, they were trying to convey the
urgency of finding common ground and understanding amid the increasing violence in Iraq. They agree that
among major threats to the deteriorating security situation in the country is Al-Qaeda's radicalization of
Islam:Many conference participants shared the concerns. Among them were Ammar Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim, a
Shi'ite theologian and secretary-general of the Al-Hakim Foundation, and Sheikh Majid al-Hafid, who is a Sunni
scholar from Al-Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq and the imam of a historic mosque. And shiakh Khalid Almulla
from Basra Despite their sectarian differences, all of them are worried by the threat of growing religious
extremism in Iraq.

William Vendley, who is the secretary-general of the U.S.-based nongovernmental organization Religions for
Peace, believe that the worsening situation in Iraq is a result of a continuous attempt to subvert religion, any
religion, for nonreligious purposes. Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Sa'id al-Hakim identifies several causes for
flourishing religious extremism. Among them is that religious extremists claim legitimacy, claim to be the proper
interpreters of sacred texts.

Often, he says they act in alliance with unscrupulous politicians who are using religious extremism to advance
their own agendas and manipulate the public. Another major factor for the success of religious extremists in
many parts of world is that half of the world's population lives in poverty.

Muhammad Husayn al-Hakim is an Islamic scholar and lecturer at a theological institute in Al-Najaf. His father
is Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Sa'id al-Hakim, one of the most senior religious figures in Iraq. Muhammad
Husayn al-Hakim says holding this reconciliation conference in New York, and particularly on the UN grounds,
draws more international attention to Iraq's domestic problems. & quot; It is an essential prerequisite in any
reconciliation process for people to sit together, & quot; a A-Hakim said. " Obviously, we've done that

And in a place like this, it is also to give a sense that Iraqis share the same goals. The situation today in Iraq is
not exclusive to Iraqis. We all know that there is a international row within Iraq. And sending a message to the
international community is important for making a change on the ground. The Al-Hakim family is an important
element in Al-Najaf, and Muhammad Husayn al-Hakim is considered a voice of moderation and coexistence,
despite a bomb attack on his father's house and occasional death threats.

Many of the participants in the New York conference have been meeting since May 2003 in a series of similar
dialogues organized by Al-Hakim foundation and Religions for Peace. The goal is to create an inter religious
council in Iraq. Previous meetings took place in Iraq, Japan, Jordan, England, Norway, and South Korea.

List of Iraqi Speakers
Iraq for all Iraqis Statement of the Organizers on behalf of the Conference
Press release
Al-Hakim Foundation is always promoting intellectual excellence, religious
dialogue and cultural understanding
Interfaith Harmony Conference

Al-Hakim Foundation sponsored a conference for interfaith harmony in Baghdad on the 31st of January of 2015
which was attended by the president, prime minister and the house speaker of Iraq and the representative
secretary general of the United Nations and the ambassador of the EU in Iraq as well as numerous political and
religious leaders of different religions and sects.

Secretary General of Al-Hakim Foundation Sayyid Amar Al-Hakim called for all judicial and executive authorities
in Iraq and the world to stand firmly against practices that are prejudice towards other religions and promote
hatred, while emphasizing the importance of personal and collective freedoms for adherents of religions without
differentiating between religions and overriding any religious symbols under the pretext of democracy and
freedom of expression.

The participants and his eminence discussed the different measurements to enhance the interfaith dialogue to
ensure access to peaceful speech and cooperation to establish a culture of peace, tolerance and harmony.

Secretary General Shares with Iraqi Christians their Celebration of Christmas

On the 25th of December 2011, H.E Sayyid Amar Al-Hakim participated in the celebration of Christmas which
was held by our Christian brothers in the Church of Virgin Mary in Baghdad, Iraq. H.E was welcomed by the
President of the Chaldean community, Cardinal Emmanuel Delly, who was pleased by Sayyid Amar Al-Hakim’s
participation and his interest in maintaining the love and brotherhood among all Iraqis and establishing a unity
among them. And in his words he stated that the celebration of Christmas is the recalling of the history of the
prophets and the connection between the human being and the heavens and building society on the basis of
the divine values of truth and justice. Stressing on the respect for human rights and the promotion of tolerance
and coexistence between humans and the strengthening of relations between different religious communities,
he stated that the Christians are the genuine partners in building Iraq. He also recalled the sacrifices made by
Iraqi Christians due to terrorist acts, while indicating that these major challenges did not discourage the Iraqis in
building their country through their strong will, culture, and opportunities for co-existence in spite of the
differences in their race, religion and sect and urging the authorities to provide adequate protection to our
Christian brothers.