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Deputy S.G meet Ambassador of the Organization of the Islamic

Deputy Secretary General of Al-Hakim Foundation meet on Nov,9th,2009 His Excellency Hamid ELTINAY
Ambassador of the Islamic Conference in Iraq.
Ms. Laila al-Khafaji, a member of the Iraqi parliament attended this meeting.

During the meeting, the exchange of relations between the Organization of Islamic Conference and
Al-Hakim Foundation and ways of enhancing service to the Muslim world was discussed.
Mr. Ambassador said that I.C.O work is to promote cultural and humanitarian situation and openness to
all fields and provide support to them. Also confirmed that the organization are contribute to help and
support the political process and reconstruction of Iraq in the next stage.

Mr. Hassan Al-Hakim spoke about the activities of Al-Hakim Foundation and its assistance provided to
all segments of Iraqi society, His Eminence emphasized on strengthening bilateral relations and
exchange of interests with the Organization of Islamic Conference and its contribution in the
intellectual-cultural situation, humanitarian and reconstruction of the infrastructure in the country for the
benefit of the Iraqi people and their aspirations to prosperity and progress in various levels, praising the
organization move to open its embassy in Baghdad.

The two sides talked about conducting a comprehensive study and detailed estimates of the
humanitarian situation in Iraq to cover all provinces and in all areas to be submitted to the Organization
as one project

Second International Conference of Mass Graves in Iraq

The Second Scientific Conference for Youth

Cultural dialogue arrange by Al-Hakim foundation at New York on June 2007  
The First National Conference of Leaders and Activists of Civil Society in Iraq

Held in Baghdad - Iraq on July,14,2012 and Sponsored by H.E Sayyed Ammar Al-hakim, Secretary -
General of Al-Hakim Foundation.
In his remark, S-G emphasised  the need for the emerging democracy in Iraq to the efforts of civil society
institutions, praising the efforts of these institutions that are motivated by the spirit of the community and
away from the government bureaucracy and corruption. H.E considered the increase in public
awareness of the importance of these organizations will deepen democratic practices in the community.

He Indicated that the involvement of more people in volunteering for these organizations empower
human resources to encourage the correction of wrong policies that may be pursued by some
government institutions, as well as enable them to exercise to draw the attention of members of the
House of Representatives of the sensitive issues facing society.
He expressed his deep belief in the importance of the role that can be played by civil society
organizations in strengthening the bonds of democratic practice and to accelerate the arrival of the
society to the national level.