Participation on CSW 57

(Delegation of Al-Hakim Foundation visiting Iraqi Ambassador)   

Al-Hakim Foundation participated on the CSW 57 which took place at UN Headquarter in
New York 4-15 March 2013.
Members of the delegation were from inside Iraq and from the Iraqi community at USA
Delegation of Al-Hakim Foundation that Included:

1- Layla Al-Khafaji: Former member of Iraqi Parliament and director of International
relations for Al-Hakim Foundation
2- Dr. Ayeda Al-Qaisi: Ass. Prof. Baghdad University
3- Dr. Shukria Al-Maliki: Ass. Prof. Basra University
4- Dr. Huda Mohamed: Human Rights researchers
5- Rana Al-Ubiadi: Human rights Advocate

Delegation also include
1- Dr. Mahdi Abdullah: Ass. Prof. NY medical center
2- Dr. Abeer Hassoun: Ass. Prof.  columbia University
3- Dr. Jafar Jawad: Al-Hakim Foundation UN representative

The foundation actively participated in most of the meetings and sessions that took place
during this conference, in addition to the meeting of Arab Caucus organized during the
conference period.

Al-Hakim Foundation organized 2 parallel events during CSW 57:

1- Role of the Government and civil society in combating Violence Against Women in Iraq,
Keynote Speaker in this panel was the Permanent Representative of Iraq at UN.
Ambassador Dr. Hamid Al-Bayati spoke about the steps of the Iraqi Government in
eradication of VAW and the progress achieved in this issue

Layla Al-Khafaji, the Director of International relations of Al-Hakim Foundation, spoke
about the initiative of Islamic Day of Anti Violence Against Women which was adopted by Al-
Hakim Foundation since 2009 and the achievement of Iraqi civil society in combating VAW.

2- Activating Spiritual and Divine Values in Combating Violence Against Women
Date: March 8th
Place: CCUN Chapel—First floor.
His Grace Bishop Anoushavan Tanielian
Vicar General of the Eastern Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America

Rev. Kyoichi Sugino: Deputy Secretary General—Religions for Peace
Dr. Abeer Hassoun: Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics- Columbia University

Dr. Aedah Al-Qaisi: Assistant Professor of Laser Medicine—Baghdad University

Dr. Abdullah Mahdi
Assistant Prof NY University Medical Center and Consultant of Wounds
Care and Hyperbaric Therapy

Statement of Al-Hakim Foundation to the UN. on CSW57th

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