49th Commission of Social Development
New York 9th-18th Feb. 2011

Al-Hakim Foundation participated in the 49th session of the commission of social
development took place at UN headquarter in NYC on 9th-18th Feb. 2011.

On February 8th the permanent representative of the foundation at UN Dr. Jafar
Jawad participate on the civil society forum that took place inside UN

In addition to the attending the official meeting of the CSD foundation attended most of
the side events organized at the UN and Church center

Al-Hakim Foundation submitted written statement to the Secretary –General on this

Statement of Al-Hakim Foundation to the CSD 49th

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Distinct Participation on CSW 55th

Al-Hakim Foundation actively participated in the 55th session of the Commission of
Statues of Women took place at New York on 22nd Feb. – March 4th 2011

Delegation of the foundation to this conference consist of 13 members from Iraq and
United States and 3 members were from young generation under the age of 22 years

During the period of the 55th session members of delegation distributed to attend
most of the official events inside UN as well as the side events

Al-Hakim Foundation sponsored 2 side events and co-sponsored another side event
with World Council of Religions for peace
On March 2nd foundation cosponsored with permanent Iraqi Mission at UN a reception
at  Delegation Dining Room inside UN which was attended by many high ranking

Also foundation submitted written statement to Secretary- General on this occasion.

Side events organized by the foundation during CSW 55th:

1- Panel discussion on Feb. 24th at UN Church Center
Muslim Women and Challenges of Violence and Marginalization

Jacqueline  Ogega
Director, Women’s Mobilization Program at Religions for Peace

Dr. Abeer Hassoun
Assistance Professor of Clinical Pediatrician, Columbia University

Layla Alkhafaji
Director, International Relations, Al-Hakim Foundation
Former Iraqi Parliament Member

Dr. Jafar Jawad
Director, New York Office, UN Representative,  Al-Hakim Foundation

In this panel Mrs. Jacqueline Ogega talked about the role of religions in combating the
violence against women and the importance of the faith in empowering the women.

Dr. Abeer Hassoun talked about the challenges that facing the Muslim women who live
and work in western societies and the steps that woman should take to be more
powerful and effective in these societies.

Ms. Layla Alkhafaji spoke about the important role of religious leadership in elimination
the violence against women and as an example she describe the initiative of Islamic
Day for Anti Violence against Women which adopted by Al-Hakim foundation and
effected on raising the public awareness in Iraq about this phenomena .

2- Panel discussion on Feb. 28th at UNCC

Iraqi Women, Achievements and challenges

Keynote speaker:
H.E. Ambassador Dr. Hamid Al-Bayati
Permanent representative of Iraq at UN


Layla Alkhafaji
Director of international relations, Al-Hakim Foundation
Former Member of Iraqi parliament

Dr. Nidhal Almarashi
Assistance Professor-Ocean County College

Nawal Al-Ibrahemi
Former Member of provincial Council- Najaf ,Iraq

Ahlaam Thajeel
Al-Hakim Foundation

Dr. Mahdi Abdullah
Medical Director of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center
Consultant Wound Care

3- Al-Hakim Foundation co-sponsored side event with WCRP on Feb.25th at UNCC

Religion, women and armed conflict Faith agency to end violence and
secure    maternal health.

In this panel Ms. Layla Alkhafaji, Director of international relations, Al-Hakim
Foundation and Former Member of Iraqi parliament spoke about Islamic Day of Annti
Violence against Women

Watch the presentation of Layla Alkhafaji at this panel:


4- On March 2nd a reception hold at Delegation Dining Room at UN
The UN Secretary – General H.E. Ban Ke Moon attended this event he was received
and greeted by H.E Ambassador Dr. Hamed Al-Bayati the permanent representative of
Iraq at UN, Dr. Jafar Jawad UN representative of Al-Hakim Foundation and the
delegation members of the foundation.
The reception also attended by many ambassadors of member’s states, official figures
from UN, representatives of NGOs participating on CSW55 and members of Iraqi
community at New York.

Watch the media covering for the reception:


Written Statement of Al-Hakim foundation to CSW55
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