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Al-Hakim foundation has special consultative statues with
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN.
Economic and Social Council and its committees, and all the United Nations Conventions which address
the same social, cultural and humanitarian goals as the Foundation does.

Social and intellectual participation in meetings especially in the areas of:

A- Peacemaking among people

B- Conferences and seminars for Muslims denouncing terrorism and violence

C- Taking part in international welfare projects

D- Continuous work to end illiteracy among Muslims and others, inside and outside Iraq

E- Assist DECO SOC to achieve its goals within the objectives of the Foundation, i.e. Two of the major
purposes of the Al-Hakim Foundation is uplifting the cultural level of Iraqi women and youth. Therefore the
Foundation shall contribute to various “Millennium Development Goals” such as the development of the
role of women
and youth in the economic, social and cultural life in Iraq and outside, and will participate as GO in the work
of the DECO SOC Commissions, e.g. On the Status of Women, and its Commission for Social
Development etc.

Since 2007 and through its offices in New York and Geneva Al-Hakim foundation actively participated and
attended in most of the conferences and meetings held by UN either via its designated representative  (Dr.
Afar Jarad in NY and Dr. Amer Hasheem in Geneva) or some times via delegations from Iraq attend to
represent the foundation in these meetings with the participation in the parallel events associated with
these meetings.

Some of UN meetings and conferences that Al-Hakim foundation attended and participated in 2008:

1-Commission for Social Development
46th Session, 6 to 15 February 2008, New York

2-DECO SOC Special Event, “How corporate philanthropy can contribute to advancing the Millennium
Development Goals, particularly for sustainable development” (New York)

3-Commission on the Status of Women, fifty-second session  (New York) Feb 7th, March 3rd 3rd
Al-Hakim foundation participated in this event via delegation include:
Dr. Banyan Alarajy (UK)
Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Ali (UK)
Layla Alkhafaji  (IRAQ) Member of Iraqi Parliament
Dr. Afar Jarad (USA)
In this event the foundation attended most the meeting took place at UN headquarter and also foundation
held a forum of (Iraq for Iraqis 2) at World Church Center. In addition to the participation in other forum in
cooperation with other institutes and holding a press conference in the press center of the UN.

4- DECO SOC GO Forum: “The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Sustainable Development and the New
International Aid Architecture” (New York) April 4th

5-Commission on Population and Development, forty-first session (New York) April 5-7  

6-Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, seventh session (New York) Apr 21-May 2

7-Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, fortieth session (Geneva)
8-Commission on Sustainable Development, sixteenth session (New York) 5-16 May

9-Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, pre-sessional working group (Geneva)

10-Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, resumed session (New York) 29 May 6, Jun

11-Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, forty-first session (Geneva)

12-Follow-Up International Conference on Financing for Development to Review the Implementation of the
Monterrey Consensus Doha, Qatar Nov,29- Dec 2

13- Plenary meeting for cultural dialogue Nov. 12-14 NY

14- Meeting of Languages matter 18-19 Nov.  New York
On March 3rd 2008 Al-Hakim foundation, Ecumenical Women, and Religions for Peace, held a multi-
cultural, multi-religious panel, entitled “A Dialogue Between Cultures: ‘Iraq for All‘”  in the Tillman Chapel of
the Church Center for the United Nations.  The topics of conversation are:
the role of GO’s in re-building civil society, women as builders, and practicing the Millennium Development


Ms. Layla Al-Khafaji, Member of the Iraqi Parliament, Al-Hakim Foundation, IRAQ
Dr. Michele Fedoroff, Deputy Chief of GO Section, DESA
Rev. Kyoichi Sugino, Assistant General Secretary, World Conference of Religions for Peace
Dr. Banyan Al-Araji, Al-Hakim Foundation, UK
Dr. Afar Jarad, Al-Hakim Foundation, US
Michel Ngoymulunda, Lutheran World Federation, Youth leader in Lutheran Communion in Central and
Eastern Africa,  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Moderator: Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Ali, IRAQ

Participation in Durban Review Conference 2009 Geneva, April 20-24

Cultural dialogue arrange by Al-Hakim foundation at New York on June 2007  

Activities At New York Office

Activities at Geneva Office

49th Commission of Social Development